This 4-Year-Old Uses His Allowance to Feed the Homeless (Video)

4-year-old Austin Perine gives me hope for the future.

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Austin is a special boy. He is only four years old and yet he give all of his pocket money to buying food and water for the homeless!

Of course, you may be wondering how much money a child like himself could save and how that could possibly make a difference? But what he does, is he saves as much money as possible and once he has a substantial amount, he takes it upon himself to buy the homeless food, water and any other things he believe they might need.

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He does not stop there though, because he believes that there is something else that everyone needs more than just food and water to survive in this crazy world, and that thing is love.

When he gives away food and water, he also gives love because he says that is what keeps us going and keeps us from giving up.

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Austin, however, is not just a kid with a kind heart, he also happens to be a youth wrestling champion and he takes his physical fitness seriously.

When he was asked what made him want to help the homeless, he says he was watching Animal Planet and saw a mama panda being separated from her babies, and it broke his heart because they were going to be homeless and that is something nobody should ever have to go through.

Of course, we have to recognize Austin’s awesome parents here, because where many adults do not encourage their children’s dreams to make the world a better place, they have been fully supportive of young Austin. Image credit: Twitter: Alabama NewsCenter

No One Can Do Everything But Everyone Can Do Something

Austin reminds us of something that came naturally to us as children; if you see something wrong in this world, try and make a positive difference.

It doesn’t mean you are going to save the entire world, or change the biggest problems we face on the planet, but you can help give someone else hope and the gift of compassion and kindness. This in turn gives us a sense of self respect, because where love and kindness are shared, they naturally grow, both within those who receive it and those that give it. It’s a win-win situation.


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Austin did not stop here though, he and his family even went on to make a Paypal account so that people could help donate towards his work of assisting the homeless. He does have one requirement before people are allowed to donate though, he always asks them to send their love with their donation because that is what really matters. What an awesome little guy.

Austin Perine is an inspiration to many people around the world, not just for his refreshing kindness, but because his actions serve as a gentle reminder to us that humanity is still very much alive and well.

You can follow Austin on Facebook HERE and donate towards his work HERE

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