5 Good & Bad Things That Happened When I Went Vegan

About 3 years ago I decided to try out a Vegan diet and really wasn’t sure what to expect.

As someone who exercises daily — and very intensely — I had some major reservations about making this decision, because I believed that it would make me weaker, and that was a sacrifice I didn’t really wanna make.

But after doing my own research and discovering how much suffering animals were going through, just for my taste buds, I decided to force myself to just give it a try.

Today, I would like to share some honest feedback with you about what happened with me personally, and what you can potentially expect to encounter if you decide to give it a try too.

My Libido Went Kind Of Crazy

Most people would probably consider this a positive, for obvious reasons, but as someone who has actually struggled a bit with sexually objectifying women in the past, I found it to be very distracting at first.

So if you are having problems with impotence, Veganism can help with that boys and girls. But if you are having problems overcoming sexual addiction, or porn addiction, Veganism can make life a bit harder (excuse the pun).

My Health, Fitness, and Energy Levels Improved

I’ve never ever been someone who likes to drink special energy drinks, take strange supplements, drink coffee, or anything like that to give me an energy boost. I’m not knocking anybody that does, but it’s just not how I do things. And, for the sake of honesty and integrity, it should be said that when I ate “meat,” I was able to train with a similar level of intensity as now that I am Vegan, for the simple fact that what actually pushes you and drives you in the gym, is not your diet, it’s your willpower which is dictated by your heart and your mind.

But I did use to crash at different parts of the day, where my energy levels just dropped, and this is virtually non existent now that I’ve chosen to go Vegan. My recovery time has also been shortened, my stamina increased, and if I ever take several days off from the gym (which is quite rare for me) I don’t feel that groggy-hung over feeling when I get back in the gym like I use to when I ate animals.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s days when you aren’t feeling as motivated as others, because that’s a part of life, but my fitness levels overall have undoubtedly improved, and my immune system has noticeably become stronger.

I Had To (And Still Do) Deal With People Who Hassle Me About Being Vegan

For a lot of people this is a major downside, because they don’t want to be viewed as an outcast, or deal with other people’s bullshit. But for me, I actually enjoy it because I like to engage people in logical debate. I never impose on others in this regard, but if they want to challenge me, I happily oblige.

Generally speaking, when people ask me why I decided to go Vegan, I tell them straight that it’s because I love animals and they usually just let it go, since most decent rational people can respect that decision. But every now and then (very rarely) you will get someone who feels the need to encroach upon you, and when they do this you can either brush them off calmly, or if you are simply well educated regarding the topic, you will easily put them in their place. In other words, educate yourself, there is no greater weapon than knowledge and Truth when faced with stupidity and ignorance.

It’s very rare for that to happen, if it even happens at all, but we all need to learn how to debate and express ourselves intelligently in this life, so consider it an opportunity to improve.

I Gained A Clean Conscience

So few of us realize how powerful our conscience can be.

When we do something we know to be morally wrong, we try to distract ourselves from its uncompromising protest. But deep within us, its presence persists, and its judgment is inescapable.

Neglecting this voice for myself, has always resulted in self disapproval — And if you do not approve of yourself, then nothing else in life matters, and depression, anxiety, and fear naturally begin to take over.

Once I became aware of what was going on with animals — who I have a great deal of compassion and respect for — I knew I could no longer eat them again without my conscience being seriously compromised.

So above and beyond all else, the best thing about going Vegan is knowing that I’m not helping to contribute to the murder and exploitation of innocent creatures, and what that means is I have a clean conscience which I believe helps to dramatically improve every other aspect of our personal lives. If you are a very empathic person, eating animals is probably not the best choice.

 In The Beginning I Thought I Couldn’t Do It

The beginning was difficult for me, because my mind kept nagging me and telling me I couldn’t do it. The bullshit belief that I needed “meat” kept on popping up, and on several occasions I almost gave up. In other words, I had to fight with my own mental programming and brainwashing.

I literally use to eat “meat” 3 to 6 times every single day, so it was difficult to break free from this. What I’ve found in my life is that society’s norms are generally backwards and wrong, so this inspired me to just stick it out because I knew to myself that the concept of eating innocent animals bothered me and seemed very unnatural.

So I stuck it out in spite of my vague withdrawals, and as I began to rewire my brain and shift my perspective, I began to realize that I never ever needed “meat”. Where once I told myself I could never give up eating animal flesh, today I can’t believe I ever ate it, it really blows my mind.

Closing Remarks

I would just like to add guys, that I personally hate cooking because I consider it a waste of my precious time. I try to eat as quickly as possible, and get my nutrition as quickly as possible, so that I can dedicate my time and energy to more important things.

In an effort to accomplish this, I use protein shakes daily, and I eat pretty much everything fresh and raw. I also take a multivitamin.

If you are considering going vegan, just give it a try guys. You will never know, unless you simply try. But do some proper research, because our bodies still need adequate nutrition and guessing whether you are doing the right thing or not is foolish.

Sadly, most people — both animal eaters and vegans alike — are not meeting all of their nutritional requirements.

You can learn more about that HERE and HERE


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