Canada Opens ‘World’s Longest Hiking Trail’ That Stretches From Coast To Coast

After 25 years of development, ‘the world’s longest hiking trail’ (Approximately 24,000 km/15,000 mi long) was finally completed this year in August.

According to the official website, 4 out of every 5 Canadians live within just 30 minutes of the national treasure.


The vision for The Great Trail began in 1992, and isn’t actually a single trail per se, but rather a massive collection of small, community-based trails that have been carefully linked together to form one single monumental network.

The Great Trail, is composed of more than 400 smaller trails spanning across all 10 provinces and three territories. In short, it is humongous.

What makes this especially amazing, is that this massive project was largely the result of volunteers and local environmentalist groups.

The trail is so remarkable and so long, that the journey actually demands several different modes of transport, including  skiing, kayaking, and on foot, amongst others. Around 26% of the trail reportedly takes place in the water. In other words, it’s an epic adventure!

The trail passes through several major Canadian cities (Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Edmonton) and is packed with Canada’s breathtaking natural diversity.

You can watch an awesome short video on The Great Trail below…

And you can also explore the map online for yourself HERE

H/T Mother Nature NetworkEco News Media & Truth Command

Featured Image Credit: Dennis Jarvis