Six Photographers Took The Same Man’s Picture, What They Captured Will Make You Think

When you have a preconceived outlook, or belief, about something or someone, it can result in awkward tension, unnecessary drama, or at the very least, distorted judgment.

The Truth is, at one point or another, we have all engaged in this narrow way of thinking, where we have become prejudiced about another human being’s character simply because of what we heard about them from other people, or what television has told us to believe.

That’s precisely what this profound experiment is all about; reminding us to think beyond our narrow prejudices and perceptions.

Six photographers were all told to photograph the same man, but each of them were told a very different story about who the man was.

For example, one of them was told he was a self-made millionaire, another was told that he was an alcoholic, and another that he was an ex-convict.

In Truth, he is actually none of those things.

The resulting photographs were both profound and shocking… Just watch for yourself

As you can see, the photographers took dramatically different photos, and that’s because how we interpret the world around us — and those we share it with — is always more a reflection of who we are, than who they are. You see, my friends, it is not the eyes that see the world, but the mind; and no two people share the same mind. Thus, no two people see the same world — we all perceive things slightly differently.

Unfortunately prejudices and stereotypes persist because people allow external influences like television, gossip, and “culture,” amongst other things, to define the world we live in. The more we allow these things to think for us, the more closed our minds become.

People are always looking to judge others based on how they look, or where they come from, or what job they have, or what car they drive, or how many followers they have, or their religion, or their ideology, and the list is unending. This generally creates division, and tribalism. But just as we know for ourselves that we are far too complex to be put into a box by others, we must remind ourselves the same is true of other people too.


Please share this important reminder and experiment with your friends and family.

One Love.


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