How Society Kills Your Creativity In An Award Winning Pixar-Like Short Film

An entertainer asks what do people want, but an artist asks what do people need?

This brilliant short film, animated by Daniel Martinez Lara and Rafa Cano Mendez, is just that; an expression of art that people need to see in order to provide them with a fresh perspective of Truth. Something that makes us think differently.

Aside from highlighting the monotony and mediocrity of society, it also reminds us of how this system kills our creativity — how it rewards conformity and obedience, but frowns upon creativity and unconventional personality. More impressive than this fairly well known observation though, is the expression of the relationship between the parent and child. It serves, in my eyes, as a reminder that we must help to protect the remarkable power of imagination, and creativity, not just in ourselves but especially in our children. The only thing that can elevate us beyond our current circumstances, is our ability to imagine and then pursue a different reality. Likewise, if there is any hope to create a better world on a larger scale, it will come from the unbounded minds of children.

Everything starts with the imagination.

This award winning short film, called Alike, was made entirely with an open source animated software called Blender, and is dedicated “to our families, for helping us not to lose our color.”



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