10 Brilliant Sculptures From Around The World With Deeper Meaning

True art, to me, is an unconventional language that communicates non verbally with the heart and the mind.

It can be enlightening, disturbing, or inspiring, but it always challenges us to think a little bit deeper about the society and world we live in.

With that said, below I’ve collected 10 of the most powerful images I could find of different sculptures from around the world, and added my own personal interpretation of what they mean to me.


Knowledge Is Power (Heihe, China)

Image Credit: Ask China

Banksy’s Circus (Somerset, England)

Orcas can swim up to 100 miles a day in the wild, but in Sea World these incredible whales are confined to tiny tanks, illustrated brilliantly in this sculpture by famous artist Banksy.
Image Credit: Banksy

The Great Awakening (New York, USA)

We are all searching for Light in this dark world, but what we fail to realize is the Light is already within us, it simply needs to be awakened.
Image Credit: Paige Bradley

Love is The Only Thing That Can Overcome Hate (Roermond, Netherlands)

In these powerful images we see the graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together because of their religious backgrounds.

As you can see, true love conquers all barriers.
Image Credit: Little Things & Wikimedia

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination (Marseilles, France)

This brilliantly made sculpture, from French artist Bruno Catalano, depicts how we always leave pieces of ourselves behind when we travel according to the artist.

This is true on a much deeper level, because whenever we interact with others and we meet new people and go on new adventures, we give them pieces of ourselves that slightly change them forever. And likewise, they give us pieces of themselves, that slightly change us forever as well. We are all a part of a much greater whole.
Image Credit: Bruno Catalano

What Are You Mentally Enslaved To? (Location Unknown)

There are many things that can enslave and imprison us in this world. In this clever sculpture/display of art, cigarettes, alcohol and a mobile phone are portrayed.
Image Credit: Imgfave

Free Your Inner Child (Nevada, U.S.)

As we grow older, we often become dominated by pride, ego, fear, and irrational impulse, which then leads to drama and fighting with people we actually care about. But our inner child — trapped inside — simply wants to connect, and put aside these silly disagreements.
Image Credit: Alec Kondush

Never Stop Working On Yourself (Location Unknown)


You are the architect of your life, despite difficult circumstances that may be unfair, never stop working on yourself. Ultimately, we determine the shape of our future.
Image Credit: Unknown

Free Your Mind & The Rest Will Follow (Pennsylvania, USA)

Freedom only comes to those who are willing to struggle and fight for it.
Image Credit: Zenos Frudakis

Judge Not… (North Carolina, U.S.)

This powerful sculpture also has a powerful story behind it, because it was placed in a wealthy neighborhood by the local church, and residents called the police concerned about what they believed was a homeless man.

The sculpture is actually a depiction of Jesus Christ, reminding people to never judge others based on what they see, because earthly appearance is not indicative of spiritual character.
Image Credit: John Burnett, NPR


Written by Gavin Nascimento, Founder of aNewKindOfHuman.com

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