10 Reasons Why Donald Trump is Just Another Puppet President

It has been extremely frustrating for me, to watch otherwise intelligent people blindly fall for the ruse that Donald Trump is “anti establishment” or fighting against the higher levels of the ruling class and on behalf of the common people, because it’s simply not true.

In this blog, I will use verifiable facts (there are more than 60 hyperlinks listed) to debunk this persistent bullshit myth, and expose him as just another puppet president for the system, much like Obama before him, Bush before Obama, and Clinton before Bush — and so on and so fourth.

1) He’s Not Going After The Private Federal Reserve Bank 

One of the easiest ways to tell whether a president is just another puppet, is by simply looking into their relationship with the group commonly referred to as the international bankers, or in the case of the United States, the (private) Federal Reserve bank, which controls the money supply.

When he was campaigning and performing for the crowd, Trump spoke out heroically against the Federal Reserve and people loved it because more and more of us are becoming aware of how dangerous this institution really is, and how it is they — not the United States government — that really controls the money supply. In fact, Trump even sent out a Tweet underlying the importance of auditing the Fed.

After winning the election, however, Trump’s tough talk amounted to nothing but hot air and he has since praised the corrupt central bank’s methods and he has since not spoken one time about auditing the Fed.

2) He is Anti Marijuana

The medicinal value of marijuana has been proven time and time again, and in comparison to alcohol and cigarettes, which claim millions of lives every single year, the plant is harmless.

During his audition for president, Trump claimed he was in favor of medicinal marijuana, and would also respect individual State’s rights if they chose to legalize the plant, but since that time has done a complete 180 degree turn.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised though, considering Trump brazenly chose a former Big Pharma lobbyist, and president of multi billion dollar pharmaceutical giant, Eli Lilly and Company, Alex Azar, to the position of U.S. Health Secretary. And yes, legalizing marijuana would undoubtedly cut into Big Pharma’s profits, so they have a vested interest in keeping it illegal.

The plant still remains a schedule 1 drug, the strictest category available, right next to heroine, and his administration have now announced that even if a State has legalized marijuana, the feds can raid them and shut them down.

3) Letting Bankers Get Away With Major Corruption

Donald Trump, like Obama before him, has temporarily waived punishment for convicted banks Citigroup, JPMorgan, Barclays, UBS and Deutsche Bank (who he just so happens to owe at least $130 million dollars to) which allows them to continue operations, instead of shutting them down as they should be.

These banks were behind what is considered the “biggest financial corruption case in history“.

What they did was manipulate the London inter-bank lending rate (Libor) which in turn manipulates interest rates world wide; in governments, states, counties, banking institutions, corporations, schools, etc. To put this into perspective, hundreds of TRILLIONS of dollars are linked to Libor.

If it were you or me that did this, we would have our companies shut down, and we would be thrown into jail for the rest of our lives. Instead, puppet presidents Obama and Trump are actually protecting this criminal scum.

4) Not Pursuing True Justice Regarding Child Sex Abuse & Trafficking

Child sex abuse has proven to be a major problem world wide amongst political and business elitists.

Despite more arrests being made, which is generally a publicity stunt to appease the anger of the masses who have finally become aware of corruption that has actually been in existence for many years, Trump has done absolutely nothing to pursue justice against high ranking pedophiles.

In fact, his Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, is the man that cut a deal with pedophile billionaire Jefferey Epstein, who was found guilty of soliciting minors for prostitution and paid approximately 40 of them hush money. One woman, Virginia Roberts, claims Epstein trafficked her when she was a teenager and kept her as a sex slave. Epstein, likewise, settled with her out of court.

Instead of being thrown in jail for life, Epstein did 13 months under special conditions in a county jail, where he was reportedly free to leave the jail each day to go to work.

When asked about Epstein in 2002, Trump said, “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Donald Trump has actually also been accused of rape by a woman — who claims she was just 13 years old at the time — at one of Epstein’s famous parties. And this is not the first time Trump has been accused of sexual misconduct either; amongst the many women that have come forward claiming sexual harassment, Trump has also been accused of rape by his ex wife, who later recanted her claim. How true these claims are, we do not know, but they are worth mentioning.

Furthermore, a major military corporation, DynCorp, continues to receive lucrative contracts from the government, despite being implicated in child sex abuse and child sex trafficking on multiple occasions, most notably in Bosnia and Columbia.

5) His Relationship With The Saudi Royals

The Saudia Arabian absolute monarchy is one of the most corrupt and oppressive regimes in the world. Comparable to a dictatorship, since one family has ruled the country for its entire existence (but not recognized as such by the establishment media since they are allies with the West), the Saudi establishment are verified sponsors of terrorism, and impose Sharia law within their borders, whilst clinging to an extreme interpretation of Islam, far less tolerant than that of most Muslim countries.

Despite this, their egregious treatment of women, executing people for denouncing Islam on Twitter, and engaging in war crimes, this criminal government has enjoyed good relations with the Western establishment, and this hasn’t changed with the entrance of puppet Trump.

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When auditioning for his role as puppet president, Trump claimed he would be tough on the Saudis. In fact, Trump outright accused them of being the world’s biggest funder of terrorism,” and the primary suspects behind 9/11.

Unsurprisingly, Trump flaked again — just like all the other puppet presidents — and has since been singing their praises. This is probably because he reportedly made a $110 billion weapons deal with the brutal regime.

6) His Transition Team Colluded With The Israeli Government 

I find it rather interesting, and somewhat astounding, that so much attention has been given to the alleged collusion with the Russian government on part of the establishment media, but nothing about the verified collusion Trump’s transition team had with the Israeli government before he was officially placed in office.

In fact, in a moment of great irony and what seems to be skulduggery on part of the deceptive puppet media, they dedicated a great deal of time and effort highlighting how former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was fired because of his alleged collusion with a “Russian official” — thus helping to ignite what has become a new of irrational cold war hysteria that has gripped the minds of the Western common people — but what they failed to mention is that Flynn contacted this Russian official (who was the foreign ambassador to the U.S. government) to instruct him to vote in favor of illegal Israeli settlements on behalf of Donald Trump’s transition team.

To reinforce what critics call a violation of the Logan Act, Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, outright admitted that the Israeli government reached out to Donald Trump’s transition team to encourage them to help sway the vote on the illegal settlements behind the Obama administrations back. Now, I’m no fan of puppet Obama, but this is clearly illegal collusion, so where is the outrage in the media about this???

7) He Opposes Clean Energy & Has Close Ties To Big Oil

There is no doubt that the world needs to move towards renewable clean energy, not just for the sake of the environment — which the human race depends on for our very survival — but also to free ourselves from the rapacious grip of big oil, which is one of the most corrupt industries in modern history, and a major obstacle preventing human civilization from evolving.

Instead of using the presidency as a platform to help create positive change in this regard, Trump went ahead and chose Rex W. Tillerson as his Secretary of State, the former CEO of ExxonMobil. Unsurprisingly, since Trump entered office, and made tax cuts that favor big oil, ExxonMobil’s profits have reportedly increased five fold!

If this obvious collusion between the White House and ExxonMobil is not bad enough, Donald Trump and his administration are also derailing the movement towards clean energy, primarily by imposing high tariffs (taxes on imported goods) on the solar market, which damn near cripples this industry within the United States, since reportedly 80% of solar installations come from overseas.

In addition to this, Trump’s administration now have their eyes on the biggest protected nature reserve (the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) in North America, because they want to drill for oil, something that many experts oppose, and say will create havoc for the wild life there, particularly polar bears, and the “entire ecosystem”.

According to Senator Dan Sullivan, they intend to begin auctioning off drilling rights next year.

8) Went Back On Promises To Prosecute Hillary Clinton

The act between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was brilliant, and definitely deserving of an academy award. I must say, it was very convincing and entertaining. They made a great team, they would do very well in the circus or Hollywood, I’m sure.

When performing in the elections, Trump claimed if he were president, Hillary Clinton “would be in jail” and said that he would investigate her for criminal wrong doing pertaining to her reckless handling of classified information.

This, of course, was just another bullshit lie. After winning the part for the audition of puppet president, Trump said he has no interest in pursuing anything against Hillary Clinton.

9) The Repeal Of Net Neutrality

Although internet censorship has been brewing in the background long before Trump became president, under his administration Net Neutrality was officially repealed, and this will invariably pave the way for a new form of censorship.

What that means is, where once all traffic on the internet was treated equally, now certain websites can be deliberately slowed down, while others can be sped up, and some can even be blocked, based upon the dictates and demands of a handful of corporations, like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Charter Communications.

Although the internet has never been, and never will be a perfect place, since people have different perspectives and agendas. This is a massive problem for obvious reasons.

In 2005 Comcast blocked BitTorrent and even denied that they did so, until they were eventually caught red handed. In 2007 AT&T censored Pearl Jam during a concert criticizing then President Bush. The company claimed it was just an “error” but many people believe it was deliberate. In 2012 AT&T blocked FaceTime, because they didn’t like the competition. They did something similar, as did Verizon and T-Mobile, in 2010.  And there have been many more instances of these types of dodgy practices.

Additionally, Comcast owns a string of major media outlets, such as MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo, and the USA Network. To expect them not to prioritize their own media outlets over smaller and less popular ones — particularly those that may be controversial or share inconvenient Truths that the establishment would prefer to be hidden — is painfully naive.

The Net Neutrality repeal is set to be official next month (April 23, 2018).

10) Close Ties To Goldman Sachs 

Trump has appointed members of the notoriously corrupt banking institution, Goldman Sachs, to his administration, including Gary Kohn (recently resigned but not before he helped push through a massive tax cut that benefits Goldman Sachs and Wallstreet, along with other similar dubious proceedings) and Steven Mnuchin.

For those who have the memory of a goldfish, this banking institution was instrumental in the scandal that crashed the global economy back in 2008. The banking giant knowingly and deceptively defrauded their customers, which is a very serious criminal offence that should undoubtedly result in them being shut down. Although they were fined, not one employee was ever brought to justice or did any jail time.

Goldman Sachs has also been caught manipulating stock prices, evading taxes, engaging in insider trading, and securities fraud, amongst other scandals.


As you can clearly see by this list, which contains verifiable sources to fact check, Trump has flaked on his major campaign promises just as his predecessors did. Yes, he is slightly different from other puppet presidents, but each one always is, because ultimately their job is to entertain us, distract us, and prolong the process of revolution. And irrespective of the few things he does that may seem good, he is still overwhelmingly working in favor of the establishment. The guy is clearly in bed with the bankers, as well as big oil, and seems to be on board with big pharma too by appointing Alex Azar as the U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services. These industries are 3 of the primary key pillars that prop up this unethical system at the expense of the common people. And then, he also opposes industries that threaten the establishment, such as marijuana legalization and clean energy. Thus anyone calling this man anti establishment is simply not looking at the facts.

Just because Trump appears to stand up against the establishment media, does not make him anti establishment. For all we know, it could just be a clever way to keep an awakening population confused and divided. Many who have been opposing the establishment throughout the years have been baited into supporting this fool because his most vocal opponents are themselves a part of the system, which creates confusion. I have documented extensively the lies and deceptions of the establishment media, which can be read about HERE, neither they or Trump should be trusted.

This alleged opposition is just as ridiculous as he is, thereby encouraging us to choose sides between two forces that offer more problems than they do solutions. But we don’t have to choose either side, because choosing the lesser of two evils is still evil, we only have to side with integrity and the Truth, it’s as simple as that. And the Truth is, the change that we seek for ourselves, for our families, our local communities, our countries, and our planet at large, will never come from the fixed game of politics, from the establishment media, or from the very people which benefit the most from this hellish system. It has to start with us as individuals.

We need to outgrow the childish idea that one man, or one woman, is going to save us from all the evils of this world, because it only encourages inaction and the feeling of helplessness. Every single man, woman, and child has the ability within them to transform their lives and do something amazing on this planet, but this process can only begin to take place when we work on ourselves, get in touch with who we truly are within, and take full responsibility for our lives, and the creative energy we bring into this world.

We have to understand that every day we are voting for the kind of world we want to live in, through what we watch on TV, or listen to on the radio, or give attention to on social media. We vote for the world we want by what companies we give our money to. We vote for the type of world we want by how we treat each other, both offline and online. We vote for the world we want when we choose to take the safe path, and work for the system, instead of struggling and persisting in pursuit of a greater purpose. In short, every choice we make is helping to create our reality, so if we want to live in a better world my friends, then we ourselves must become better.

Below I made a short and simple video to summarize how this works, and help people understand the folly of politics;


Written by Gavin Nascimento, Founder of aNewKindOfHuman.com

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