12 Remarkable Creatures & Animals That Capture The Mystery Of Our Beautiful Planet

It seems like everyone is raving about Augmented and virtual reality these dayswhich are environments that have been either partially, or wholly, computer generated. The excitement surrounding the fabricated Pokémon GO characters, and other digital reproductions has created so much excitement and, in many instances — absolute hysteria — that I can’t help but ask myself, “Have people become so disconnected from actual reality, that they do not see the mystery and beauty that surrounds us at all times?” 

This is not to say that people cannot have balance and enjoy these incredible technologies; but it is wise to reconnect with the magnificence of Mother Nature — along with our incomprehensible Universe — and remind ourselves how beautiful life is, and how much we still have to discover. After all, thousands of new species are found every single year, and it’s estimated that we haven’t explored as much as 95% of the ocean!

So I decided to share 12 of the most remarkable creatures, and animals, that help to capture the mystery of our beautiful planet — to help remind folks of how lucky we are to call this beautiful Earth our home.


The Mandarin Duck

Image credit: Allevamento Poggio di Ponte

Glaucus atlanticus aka Blue Dragon Fish

Image credit: Wikipedia

Red-shanked Douc aka Costumed Ape

Image credit: WWF

Saturniid Moth Caterpillar

Image credit: Marco Fischer

Peacock Spider

Image credit: Dr Jurgen Otto

Dryocampa Rubicunda aka Rosy Maple Moth

Image credit: Reddit

Mandarin Fish

Image credit: Wikipedia


Chrysiridia rhipheus aka African Sunset Moth

Image credit: The Magic of Life Butterfly House


Hoplophry aka Candy Crab

Image credit: Yorko Summer

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Image credit: George Grall/National Aquarium

Sea bunny

Image credits: Saan Rina

Thorny Dragon

Image credit: Genesis Park


These images, of course, only represent a fraction, of a fraction, of the beauty and mystery that we can find on this beautiful planet. But we will never know and learn more about what’s out there, if we don’t take more of an interest in this beautiful world and realize that we have just as much a right to enjoying it, as anyone else. Why should a tiny minority of elitists enjoy the fruits of this incredible Earth — which provides all the food, water, oxygen and land we need for free — while the rest of us are relegated to different forms of sophisticated slavery in service to their rapacious man-made system?

Don’t fall for their deceptive trap. There’s more to life than consumerism, cubicles, video games, and making paper fiat “money”. Life was meant to be about mystery, discovery and adventure. It surrounds us everywhere; in our backyards, the local park, or in a distant land. Don’t ever lose your passion to know the mystery of life!


*If I missed an animal or creature you think should’ve been included please comment below…

Written by Gavin Nascimento, Founder of aNewKindOfHuman.com

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