20+ Amazing Homes For People That Are Sick Of Society’s Bullshit

Whether it’s dealing with the stress of highway traffic, putting up with noisy neighbors, or constantly being surrounded by gossiping folks who have an unhealthy obsession with consumerism and celebrity culture, I think any sensible person — at one time or another — has felt the desire to escape the bullshit of society.

Unfortunately not everyone has the capability to do this for obvious reasons. But the mind is a very powerful thing, and through detailed visuals and contemplative thought, we actually have the ability to calm ourselves just by using the power of visualization.

With that said, I decided to share some peaceful retreats and introverted homes with my followers, and encourage all of you who are feeling stressed, anxious or caught up in the rat race, to just pause for a moment — quiet your mind— take a deep satisfying breath — unplug from all the bullshit — and imagine experiencing the serenity and tranquility of being in these beautiful locations.

I’m sure that at least one of these amazing places will resonate with you, perhaps even inspire you to go on your own adventure.


Vlasic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Image credit: imgur.com

Casita De Vorera, Menorca

Image credit: Maurizio Bellelli


Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Image credit: Merlin Kafka


Maniitsoq, West Greenland

Image credit: Carsten Egevang


Image credit: Suman Bobba



Image credit: Leo van der Sanden




And in Autumn…

Image credit: Bozhidar Baychev

Bohemian Switzerland

Image credit: PixxlTeufel



Lake Golcuk, Bolu, Turkey

Image credit: Adnan Tunçbilek


Lake Königsee,  Germany

Image credit: Jeffrey Martin

Rhodope Mountains


Image credit: Evgeni Dinev

The House At The End Of The Fjord, Norway

Image credit: JillyPearce

Fagaras, Romania

Image credit: Razvan Ionica

Holmur Reykjanes, Iceland

Image credit: Gunnar Gestur



Tiny House In The Fields, Hungary

Image credit: Péter Busa

Arnarstapi, Iceland

Image credit: J.G. Damlow


House In The Middle Of Drina River Near The Town Of Bajina Basta, Serbia

Image credit: Irene Becker

House On The Lake, Iceland

Image credit: Wim Denijs

Cottage In The Woods, Scotland

Image credit: Angie Latham


Winter Fairytale

Image  credit: taurus13

Red House In Snowy Norway

Image credit: Tzvika Stein



The Solitairy House Of Elliðaey Island, Iceland

Zoomed out…

Image credit: Christopher Lynn


Icelandic Mountain Meadow Retreat

Image credit: Michael Schmidt

House In Tea Plantation, Munnar

Image credit: Ulrich Lambert

Which one was your favorite? Please comment below…

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