20+ Brilliant Depictions Of Street Art For Free Thinkers & Rebels

Although “graffiti” is considered a serious crime by the system, if it makes us think deeper, and if it makes the world a bit more interesting and exciting, then why not recognize it for what it truly is — Art.

Personally, I love this type of creative expression. It helps lift people’s moods and minds, and encourages us to think outside the box of our ordinary mundane daily routines. It reminds us to ask questions about the society and world we live in.

With that said, I decided to collect some of the best street art I could find from around the web.


“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

 — The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)

“You don’t fight racism with racism, you fight racism with unity.” — Fred Hampton
Artist Credit: Jeaze Oner

You don’t need a leader, you need the knowledge that will teach you to be your own leader.
Artist Credit: Unknown

Their entire empire has been built on our backs. All we have to do is stand up and their sick game is over!
Artist Credit: Mear One

In a healthy relationship you help each other grow…
Artist credit: Mark Samsonovich

“Keep your coins. I want change.”
Artist Credit: Banksy

We are in an information war, and when you capture corruption through photography, what you are really doing is creating awareness and spreading knowledge — And awareness and knowledge are the most powerful weapons in the world!
Artist Credit: Unknown

“One nation under…”
Artist Credit: Banksy

Never forget that choosing to be kind helps to change the world
Artist Credit: Unknown

When we indulge in unhealthy addictions we end up despising ourselves.
Artist Credit: Banksy

Any system that requires blind obedience to authority, is a system rooted in deception and brainwashing
Artist Credit: Blu

Welcome to the real world Mario, where freedom of choice (even if it helps you grow) can get you locked up in a giant cage…
Artist Credit: Banksy

We are many and they are few, but we must unite…
Artist Credit: Unknown

The world is actually a beautiful and amazing place, and it provides all of the food, water, oxygen and shelter we need for free. It’s this man made system that sucks.
Artist credit: Nme

Just Google it!
Artist Credit: Banksy

If you can look beyond this world you have been born into, you will realize another one with endless possibilities of beauty and hope exists.
Artist Credit: Martin Whatson

Politics is the art of deception. Judge them by their actions, never by their words.
Artist Credit: Banksy

Preaching peace, when the ruling class profit from war, ultimately makes you a target
Artist Credit: Banksy

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” — Attributed to Mark Twain
Artist Credit: Blu

Don’t conform to a boring and lifeless society, use your imagination to improve it and create it.
Artist Credit: Tom Bob

You can never be lonely or unhappy, if you are happy with yourself.
Artist Credit: Banksy

The ‘Earth’ Without ‘Art’ Is Just ‘Eh’
Artist Credit: Unknown


If any artist has not been correctly credited please comment below, and if you have a favorite street artist that wasn’t mentioned please share.


Written by Gavin Nascimento, Founder of aNewKindOfHuman.com

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