20+ Photos Of Mother Nature Winning The War Against ‘Civilization’

Mother Nature is wild and free — and asking nothing in return — She gives us all of the food, water, oxygen, and land we need to also be free.

But instead of enjoying these gifts to the best of our ability, we’ve allowed our inborn freedoms to be taken away from us by those who are driven by material profit and greed.

For myself, I have always felt a deep connection with Nature, as many others do too.

We do not believe that this Matrix like system is supreme, nor do we think it has a right to impose on our inborn freedoms — or destroy the planet — and thus we are not amused by its encroaching and cancerous ways.

Like Nature, we are wild in Spirit, and long for uninhibited freedom; and thus we become rebellious in the face of any imposing authorities which seek to control and dictate the direction of our lives.

An Eagle attacks and destroys a drone/ Video credit: Drone Snaps Photography

That is what inspired me to share this photo series — the indomitable Spirit of Mother Nature — which is something I believe we all have laying deep within.


These bad ass trees prove that, in spite of our difficult surroundings, if we are persistent enough, we will develop strong roots — and if we develop strong roots nothing in this world can stop us!

Image Credit: Brad Grove
Location: Ta Prohm Temple, Agkor, Cambodia

Image credits: Pietro Bevilacqua
Location: Ta Prohm Temple, Agkor, Cambodia

Image Credit: Wikimedia
Location: Ta Prohm Temple, Agkor, Cambodia

Image credits: worldbeyondyourown
Location: Hong Kong

Image credits: Wei-Feng Xue
Location: Hong Kong

Image Credit: Wikimedia
Location: Hong Kong

This small town in China was completely taken over by Nature, and that’s because continuous growth — even in the face of adversity — is a part of Nature. In fact, it is also a part of our human nature, but when we don’t honor that Nature, then we stop growing, and when we stop growing, we start slowly dying within.

Learn from Mother Nature, and always look for new ways and opportunities to grow.


Image Credits: Qing Jian via Daily Mail
Location: Shengshan Island, China

Nature is also in a constant state of adaptation. These fish quickly adapted to this abandoned shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand and are now thriving in their new habitat.

This rule applies to us as well, those who adapt the quickest, and most effectively, to change will always thrive beyond others. Don’t resist the inevitable, learn to adapt intelligently.

Image credit: Jesse Rockwell
Location: Bangkok Thailand

Similar to the fish, these trees adapted quickly to this abandoned ship and found a way to thrive.

Image credits: AndyBrii
Location: Sydney, Australia


Nature doesn’t give a shit about stupid man made rules and laws, because it understands that the law of man, is not higher than the Law of Truth.

Never let stupid rules hold you back from growing and doing something positive, and something you truly know in your heart to be right.

Image Credit: Now That’s Nifty
Location: Unknown

Image Credit: NPR
Location: Fellsmere pond, Massachusetts, USA

These photos help to remind us that regardless of what’s going on around us, if we focus on our personal growth, we will outlast the unwanted circumstances that surround us.

Image Credit: Imgur/ayounes

Image credits: Rosanne de Lange
Location: Belgium

Image credits: Kyle Telechan
Location: Unknown

Image Credit: Tao
Location: Thailand

Learn from Mother Nature; If an obstacle gets in the way of your personal growth, don’t run from it or let it discourage you, find a way to either get around it or go straight through it! 

Image credit: Crackoala
Location: California

Image Credit: James McKinney
Location: Unknown

Image credit: Ethan Welty
Location: Vashon Island, Washington

Image Credit: Unknown
Location: Unknown

AP Photo/David Goldman
Location: White, Georgia, USA

Image credit: M35 Photography
Location: Unknown


Image Credit: Anne Percoco
Location: Unknown

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H/T Bored Panda, Daily Mail & NPR


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