20 Websites To Help You Learn a New Language

by Johnny Webber via Daily Zen List

1. Duolingo.com – Duolingo offers six languages with grammar and vocabulary lessons. Earn points and unlock levels as you go along.

2. Memrise.com – Learn vocabulary through spaced repetition.

3. Anki – Anki is a flashcard program similar to Memrise with hundreds of decks.

4. BBC Languages – The BBC offers lessons with grammar, vocabulary, games, activities, and tests in forty languages.

5. Livemocha.com – Online courses for over 35 languages.

6. Lang-8.com – Write in your new language and have a native speaker correct your mistakes.

7. Babbel.com — Learn languages by identify correct translations.

8. Lingocracy.com — Choose the content you want to read, and get instant translations and definitions.

9. Babadum.com — A vocabulary quiz game.

10. InternetPolyglot.com — Lessons and games for learning languages.

11. Verbling.com – Teach someone a language, and they will teach you one.

12. Interpals.net – Find a pen pal from another country and learn their language.

13. SharedTalk.com — A community of people from around the world dedicated to language exchange.

14. Coffeestrap.com — Learn a language by meeting people.

15. FSI Language Courses – These are courses developed by the U.S. government that have reached the public domain. Download the text and repeat after the tapes.

16. GreatLanguageGame.com — A game where you try to distinguish between eighty different languages.

17. Forvo.com — Get correct pronunciations of thousands of words in dozens of languages.

18. LyrnLang.com — Learn words and phrases by listening to songs and seeing how the lyrics translate.

19. Lernu.net — Free courses and information on the international language of Esperanto.

20. Chineasy.org — Lessons and resources for learning Chinese.