20 Websites To Help You Learn a New Language

We live in a world that is more connected globally today, than at any time in known human history.

Yet, how many of us know how to speak more than one language?

Being able to have a conversation with someone else in their native tongue, is an invaluable form of communication that helps to break down so many boundaries that can often times come between two people just because they come from two different places.

In the past, we would most likely have had to attend expensive classes or hire a private tutor to accomplish this goal, but today — thanks to the internet — that’s all completely changed and we can learn a new language just by jumping online.

With that said, I came across this excellent list of different websites — compiled  by Johnny Webber — that can help us all learn a new language!

1. Duolingo.com – Duolingo offers six languages with grammar and vocabulary lessons. Earn points and unlock levels as you go along.

2. Memrise.com – Learn vocabulary through spaced repetition.

3. Anki – Anki is a flashcard program similar to Memrise with hundreds of decks.

4. BBC Languages – The BBC offers lessons with grammar, vocabulary, games, activities, and tests in forty languages.

5. Livemocha.com – Online courses for over 35 languages.

6. Lang-8.com – Write in your new language and have a native speaker correct your mistakes.

7. Babbel.com — Learn languages by identify correct translations.

8. Lingocracy.com — Choose the content you want to read, and get instant translations and definitions.

9. Babadum.com — A vocabulary quiz game.

10. InternetPolyglot.com — Lessons and games for learning languages.

11. Verbling.com – Teach someone a language, and they will teach you one.

12. Interpals.net – Find a pen pal from another country and learn their language.

13. SharedTalk.com — A community of people from around the world dedicated to language exchange.

14. Coffeestrap.com — Learn a language by meeting people.

15. FSI Language Courses – These are courses developed by the U.S. government that have reached the public domain. Download the text and repeat after the tapes.

16. GreatLanguageGame.com — A game where you try to distinguish between eighty different languages.

17. Forvo.com — Get correct pronunciations of thousands of words in dozens of languages.

18. LyrnLang.com — Learn words and phrases by listening to songs and seeing how the lyrics translate.

19. Lernu.net — Free courses and information on the international language of Esperanto.

20. Chineasy.org — Lessons and resources for learning Chinese.

Are there any other sites that you recommend? Please comment below…

H/T Johnny Webber via Johnny Lists


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