5 Signs That Indicate You Are Demisexual

Have you spent years wondering if there’s something wrong with you because the usual process of going on dates and being sexually attracted to others doesn’t feel quite right to you? There’s a real possibility that you might be demisexual. It is not the same as asexuality because you do feel sexual attraction. However, the latter can only occur once you’ve forged a deep emotional bond with that person.

If you think that this might describe the way you feel about sex and relationships, here are 5 signs that may indicate your are demisexual.

1. It’s Never Just About Appearance

Looks are only temporary and you understand that more than others do. Even if a person’s appearance motivates you to approach them, you always dig beneath the surface and try to form a meaningful bond with them. If that doesn’t happen, a relationship with that person is just not in the cards no matter how good looking they might be.

2. You Need To Be Friends First

For you, it is essential that you build a good friendship with a person before you can even think about entering into a relationship with them. Your attraction to that person stems from the passions you share and the strength of your friendship. Anything more that might grow between the two of you, at least on your part, will be based on this connection that you’ve built.

3. The First Time You Go Out Matters A LOT

The importance you attribute to emotional bonding ensures that your first time out together one date sets the tone for the rest of your relationship. While it is good to make a nice first impression, you place a lot more emphasis on it than others. You’ll broach significant topics for discussion so that you can figure out for sure if your date has what you’re looking for.

4. Sex Is Just A Part Of It

While you do enjoy sex, it is not the part of the relationship that you look forward to the most. It is definitely there on your checklist but you’d find it only below fascinating and intriguing discussion. But this also doesn’t mean that you don’t think about sex or fantasize.

5. In It For The Long Run

You never get into relationships that don’t have the potential to make it in the long run. Commitment is super important for you and you’re more prepared for it than most. As a demisexual, you believe that a lasting relationship will only make you a better person and improve your life as a whole.

If these indicators apply to you, then you are definitely a demisexual. Just because mainstream dating doesn’t appeal to you as much doesn’t mean that you are lacking in some way. You just have a different approach to romantic relationships and soon enough, you’ll also find ‘the one’.

H/T: Higher Perspective


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