Your Children Are Being Brainwashed Daily & These Studies Prove it — Learn How To Protect Them

It blows my mind how many adults mindlessly leave their children unattended with the TV set, thinking that their little ones are simply being entertained, when in fact they are being brainwashed.

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Several studies have now shown that babies recognize corporate logos before they can even read.

The original study was done in the United States back in 1991, but has since been corroborated more recently in Australia and the Netherlands as well. The findings should concern parents across the globe.

Back in 1991, a group of 229 children in Atlanta, Georgia “demonstrated high rates of logo recognition,” but what especially concerned the researchers is that the children were especially drawn towards Joe Camel, the cartoon character promoting Camel Cigarettes.

Notice how brightly colored and enticing the advertisement looks; with the attractive woman, sports car, and Hollywood sign in the background, and the friendly looking cartoon character Joe Camel in the front. This appeals to all ages, and is meant to fool the consumer’s mind into associating the act of smoking Camel cigarettes with these exciting subtle suggestions.

They noted that “Approximately 30% of 3-year-old children correctly matched Old Joe with a picture of a cigarette compared with 91.3% of 6-year-old children,” which is a disturbingly high percentage.

For the naive, this could merely be a coincidence, but internal documents produced in a legal case in Mangini v. R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, San Francisco County Superior Court No. 959516, in 1992, showed the industry made it clear that they would target children as future smokers.

One RJR senior researcher for the Tobacco giant, Dr. Claude Teague explained: “Realistically, if our Company is to survive and prosper, over the long term we must get our share of the youth market,” and RJR’s then Vice-President of Marketing (C.A. Tucker) in a 1974 presentation to the Board of Directors explained that the “young adult market . . . represent[s] tomorrow’s cigarette business. As this 14-24 age group matures, they will account for a key share of the total cigarette volume — for at least the next 25 years.”

The lawsuit noted that, “Teenage smokers accounted for about $476 million of Camel sales in 1992 as compared with $6 million in 1988,” which is when they originally began their Joe Camel campaign, demonstrating its efficacy.

As a result, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco were forced to get rid of their Joe Camel character and pay out $10 million in fines.

But how many people lost their lives because they were manipulated into their addiction as children?

It should also be mentioned that just about all major cigarette companies have been caught marketing to kids, which you can learn about HERE

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The second study, conducted in the Netherlands, used a group of 196 two – eight year old children, and measured their brand aware of 12 corporations, including McDonald’s, Lay’s potato chips, Mercedes, Nike, Heineken, Wall’s, Shell, Camel cigarettes, Snuggle fabric softener, Duplo toys, M&Ms candy, and Cheetos snacks.

The researchers found that by the age of just 2 years old, children already knew the symbols of between 8 and 12 of these brands on average, and by the age of 8 they knew all of them.

Alcohol companies are also notorious for targeting underage drinkers.

The more recent study was conducted on 38 Australian preschool children between the ages of 3 to 5 years old in 2010.

The researchers were shocked to find that although the children were not able to read or spell, they were able to recognize corporate brands easily, especially McDonald’s, and entertainment companies like Disney, and Warner Brothers, and even the car manufacturer Toyota.

It should also be mentioned, that another study conducted by researchers from Michigan State University, found that children who were able to recognize fast food labels more frequently than others, were at a higher risk for obesity.

How Can I Protect My Children?

First and foremost, we must never never allow our children to watch television unaccompanied. Their minds are undeveloped, and extremely vulnerable to corporate attacks. The television is NOT a baby sitter, it is a powerful tool to educate, or indoctrinate, depending on how it is used. And in the hands of corporations, of course, it is used to indoctrinate potential customers.

So we must never allow our kids to watch something we ourselves are not familiar with, and we must never allow them to watch any programming that contains ads, because ads have one purpose and one purpose alone — to use sophisticated propaganda to brainwash the unsuspecting viewer into buying a certain product.

Of course, we cannot always take this approach either, because as children get older they naturally gain more independence; and it would be highly impractical, and unnecessarily controlling, to impose on this natural process. This becomes especially so with the internet, you cannot shelter your child from the evils of this world my friends. It is impossible, and trying will result in a losing battle, if not a broken relationship between you and your loved one. The only thing we can do for them, is educate them about these manipulative proceedings so that they will be mentally prepared to defend themselves. The only truly formidable defense against propaganda is knowledge, just as lies are overcome by Truth.

Before we can even think about taking this step however, we need to first educate ourselves about the manipulative marketing strategies and tricks employed by corporations to control our decision making. If we cannot recognize this ourselves, we will not be able to truly defend our children from these insidious forces either.

Their Primary Technique Is The Manipulation Of Our Associative Memory

The primary technique employed by corporations to manipulate us is actually very easy to perceive when you become aware of it. What they do, is they manipulate our associative memory, which is the part of our brains that intertwine — or associates — experiences together.

For example, have you ever heard a song that immediately makes you feel very sad or very happy? Maybe a certain smell brings back a powerful memory? Perhaps when you visit a certain place you have “flash backs?” That’s because your associative memory is at work.

Now, what corporations do, is they use sex, excitement, the need to fit in, wanting to look cool, and many other techniques that manipulate our emotions to sell their products — all of which are rooted in propaganda.

The bottom line, as a consumer, is to block all of that crap out of your mind, recognize they are deliberately trying to manipulate you in a deceptive underhanded way, and then focus on the product alone and what its actual value represents, if any.


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In the case of McDonalds, for example, they appear as fun, exciting, friendly, humane, and family oriented, but beyond the propaganda their food is extremely unhealthy, and has been connected to depression, mood swings, low energy, intense heart palpitations, signs of becoming addicted to the food and even sexual dysfunction.

They have also been caught serving expired meatspreading low wages, abusive conditions and union-busting,” and wage theft, poverty-level pay and mistreatment of pregnant workers around the globe, as well as having been caught sourcing their meat from multiple companies that abuse and torture animals.

If you educate your child about this, by showing them documentaries or reading books, you will invariably help to shape their associative memory so that it is aligned with the Truth, instead of being hijacked by propaganda. In some instances, extreme measures may be necessary. In the case of McDonald’s, for example, one could show footage of animals being tortured and abused at one of the places where they get their “meat” from. In the case of alcohol or cigarettes, one could visit a hospital.

And this is how it works for all of these giant companies, it is simply an information war between deception and Truth. Simply educate yourself about what they really represent.

To understand this better, you can read a blog I wrote on this subject HERE.

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