Cuba becomes 1st country to eliminate mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS

The World Health Organization has officially recognized Cuba as being the very first country in the world to eliminate the transmission of HIV/AIDS and syphilis from mother to child, the United Nations reports.

Although this revolutionary medical breakthrough was actually verified back in 2015, most people in the West still know nothing about it. This is presumably due to political tensions, rooted in the fact that the Cuban government has defied the Western establishment for decades; starting when Fidel Castro first took power back in 1959 from U.S. backed dictator, Fulgencio Batista.

Despite being recognized as one of the world’s best health care system’s on the planet today, Cuba once actually suffered a serious health care crisis that was largely created by the United States government’s commercial, economic, and financial embargo that they imposed on the small island. Naturally, positive publicity about how the Cuban underdog’s emerged from this struggle stronger, is not so good for North American politics.

Lack of access to Western medicine and basic health care supplies forced the country to innovate and turn to organic farming, traditional medicine, and natural health care practices; such as yoga, meditation, homeopathy, Chinese acupuncture, and Bach flower remedies, amongst other things. This emphasis on leading a healthy life style — which is sorely lacking from the for profit medical system that dominates the West — has proven to be incredibly rewarding for Cuba.

Perhaps even more impressive than their remarkable accomplishments locally, is their commitment to providing health care for the developing world internationally. According to a paper published in the International Journal of Cuban Studies, the Cuban government has more medical personnel serving in developing countries, than all the G8 countries combined (France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, Canada, and Russia), and also more than Doctors without Borders, and the World Health Organization.

Although it would be wholeheartedly dishonest to pretend that Cuba is some kind of a utopian society, or that it doesn’t have a history of human rights abuses, the government’s investment in health care and education — as opposed to military indulgences and other elitist enterprises — is something that many other governments around the world could learn from.

*Thailand, Belarus, Armenia and the Republic of Moldova have since followed in Cuba’s footsteps.

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