Did Jim Carrey Really Give His Ex-Girlfriend STDs & Encourage Her Suicide As Some People Claim??

Yesterday I posted an article about Jim Carrey, that I personally found inspiring and thought provoking, but today when I woke up I was inundated by comments about how people would stop following my Facebook page as a sign of protest (just so everyone knows those threats are absolutely meaningless to me since I don’t do this for a popularity contest), and how shitty of a human being Jim Carrey really is.

Now before I get into this, I just want to explain that no decent human being will ever defend what could justifiably be called evil or wrongdoing intentionally, so instead of acting like an angry misunderstood 13 year old, that cannot express themselves without throwing a temper tantrum, explain why you think something is wrong rationally and logically, and have an intelligent discussion on the matter… seriously.

With that said, it seems all of these people have come to hate and despise Jim Carrey simply because he has been accused of giving his ex girlfriend (Cat White) STD’s, sending her horrible scathing text messages, and enabling her access to pharmaceutical pills, all of which ultimately led to her suicide.

Now, if this is true — and I would like to emphasize the word IF — then Jim Carrey is certainly deserving of the criticism he has received and probably much worse. But since when have accusations qualified as evidence? Since when is it that someone is considered guilty, without being able to argue and present their case?

Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

Don’t get me wrong, there is no shortage of sick minded people in Hollywood, and I personally do not see eye to eye with Jim Carrey on some things, but the accusations made against him — by his ex girlfriend’s Scientologist husband who he didn’t even know she was married to, and her estranged mother that she reportedly “hated” and separated from in her youth — have been claimed to be forgeries by his defense, so why is it that no one is considering the other side of this argument which certainly sounds worthy of listening to?

The evidence is fairly convincing for the common person (text messages and medical records) but these things can easily be forged, and Jim’s defense claims they can prove this, so why not simply give them the opportunity to do so and wait to hear the entire story before calling for Jim Carrey’s character to be hanged?

When we behave in this impulsive reactionary manner, we do not prove Carrey’s guilt, we just prove how easily our emotions can override our logic and reason — which is a terrible condition that has allowed the human race to be used as pawns throughout known history, by those more skilled and adept at the art of manipulation and skulduggery.

Understanding Human Psychology & Reflecting On The Past

Jim Carrey had a mother who suffered from illness and was bed ridden when he was younger, so he chose to use humor to help her cope with her pain and make her happy. This unfair (sometimes unavoidable) relationship for a child, begins to teach them that it is their responsibility to keep other people happy and free from mood swings and depression later on in life, and it usually lays the foundation for future relationships and unconscious behaviors.

Cat White & Jim Carrey pictured together holding hands/Image Credit: Fame Flynet

In other words, as anyone with a rudimentary understanding of psychology can tell you, as many of us get older we tend to unconsciously seek out relationships that conform to those we developed in our early childhoods with our parents (or parental figures) — since these served to establish the mental foundation of how future encounters (regardless of how dysfunctional they may have been) should go. So if you had a mother (or father) who was in need of you taking care of them, for example, you will most likely seek out relationships where your future partner also needs you to take care of them — and thus you unconsciously seek out relationships with people that are very much dependent on you for their happiness. Conversely, if your mother or father did were overbearing, did absolutely everything for you, lifted up your spirits when you were feeling down, and made sure to give you all the Love and care in the world — but didn’t teach you anything about independence — then sadly you will seek out a relationship where you play the role of depending on someone else to keep you happy.

In the case of Jim Carrey’s ex girlfriend, Cat White, she reportedly was forced to leave home when she was just 15 years old and eventually her mom abandoned her and left her with her father. This is a very vulnerable situation to be placed in psychologically, especially as a child, but fortunately she went to live with her dad and became very close with him in the process. According to the Daily Mail, she described herself as a “daddy’s girl” in her Instagram account, and posted numerous pictures of the two of them together. And she was also described by her step sister as “more of a daddy’s girl than anyone else I’ve ever met.” This is further reinforced by the fact that she first tried to kill herself back in 2012 after her dad died from cancer. This is particularly significant, because it demonstrates the willingness to end her life because she no longer has that savior figure present that she can depend on anymore.

Jim Carrey pictured above at Cat’s funeral with her sister Lisa (left) and his daughter (right)/Image credit: Fame Flynet

In other words, she came from instability and uncertainty (anxiety and fear) when her mom left, and her dad became her savior. This type of brain shaping experience, I believe, “prepared” Cat for her relationship with Jim in the future, as did his experience with his mom. She moved to a new country — placing herself in a position of great vulnerability and need — and eventually found a man that came from a background where he would gladly attempt to fulfill that role of providing happiness and excitement for her.

Thus it seems to me that Carrey (who himself has a history of depression) found himself in a difficult and dysfunctional relationship with a young woman who needed to be saved from her depression as well. This is how relationships generally work, but I have simplified it based on limited information. Most of us come from some form of dysfunction, and thus get involved in a dysfunctional relationship unwittingly, and do not understand why we cannot maintain a healthy relationship, because no one has ever taught us that we must first overcome, or at least become aware, of our own issues before taking this step. If we do not, these problems and issues begin to intensify and ruin a relationship.

Of course, I do not mean to define the complexity of her intrinsic character (or Jim Carrey) in a trivialized manner, since it could never encompass the depths of their minds and souls, but considering their backgrounds it’s a fairly logical supposition to make that they were drawn to each other based on the aforementioned psychological factors.

Why Is Jim Carrey The Only One Being Blamed?

Did you know that law enforcement officials cited a a hateful message from her biological mother” — who Cat seems to have had a very difficult relationship with — as being a potential factor in her suicide since she took her life just a few days later (on the anniversary of her father’s death). Also, Cat’s husband at the time of her death was a Scientologist, and Cat had become a member too, and was reportedly undergoing intense training known as the objectives, which may have potentially contributed to the stress that culminated in her suicide as well.

Mark Burton, pictured above, was Cat’s husband at the time of her death which was reportedly a sham to get a greencard. Burton was also raised in the Church of Scientology, and he was the step son of a legendary figure in the Church named Duke Snider, who was imprisoned for trying to infiltrate the government. Interestingly enough, the Church also tried to recruit Carrey years before, but were unsuccessful. 

Yet in spite of this information, people feel the need to blame her suicide solely on Jim Carrey, and this is obviously unfair. Cat was clearly dealing with years and years of internal pain, along with several major happenings in the present moment, and it got to the point where she could no longer handle it anymore. Additionally, as harsh as it may sound, it is no one else’s responsibility in this world — but our own — to cultivate and care for our own mental stability and overall wellbeing. When we place this unattainable responsibility onto others, and then expect them to actually keep us happy for the rest of our lives, we attempt the impossible and the delusional — and we’ll get let down every single time.

It should also be mentioned that, prior to taking her life, she reportedly threatened Carrey with her suicide on more than one occassion. Using your life as a bargaining chip to hold onto someone is wrong for obvious reasons, but is clearly an act of authentic desperation. Now, does that make her a bad person?  Of course not, but it does provide some important insight about the frailty of her mental stability, which didn’t happen as the result of her relationship with Jim Carrey alone. No, as a child who left home at the young age of 15, what inspired her suicide clearly developed over the course of a life time of struggle and hardship, the depth of which we will probably never fully know.

* For those who are struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts, please take the time out to read this essay I wrote HERE on how I overcame my personal struggles and how I use certain daily practices and rituals to keep myself motivated, focused and free from depression. I do not know if it will change your life forever, but I do believe it will be of benefit IF you apply the advice mentioned in your personal life.

Ever Since Jim Carrey Began To Speak Out Controversy Has Followed

Ever since Jim became more outspoken about politics, spirituality, organized religion (specifically child sex abuse in the Catholic Church), Hollywood culture, and the danger of vaccines, he has started getting demonized by the media, which is not uncommon for those who do so. They loved him when he was just entertaining the masses and keeping us glued to the television set, and intoxicated with distraction, but are not so big on him now that he actually has a meaningful opinion that makes us question and think deeper.

Does this absolve him of this case or any wrong doing? Of course not. Does it mean he doesn’t have issues himself? Of course not. Does it mean we should mindlessly defend him if we find out that he is lying, of course not. But we cannot consider someone guilty without affording them the proper opportunity to defend themselves. How would you feel if every claim made against you was believed as fact, and any defense you proposed was shut down before it was even looked into?

We should let all the evidence come forward first before calling for the proverbial electric chair to kill Jim Carrey’s character.

Things are never as simple as the establishment media make them out to be.

* If anyone has any relevant information that has not been mentioned about this case, then please comment below, but keep it classy please.

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