Every Day Little Sister Waits For Her Brother To Get Off The School Bus — And It’s Adorable

This small girl waits each day for the bus that brings her brother back home from school. As soon as he steps down from the bus, she goes to give him a hug and tells him that she likes him the best.

Their mom uploaded a video of them meeting at the bus with a heart warming post to accompany it. She says that she practices a policy of tolerance with her children and doesn’t care if they’re spoiled now and then. She doesn’t insist on them eating things they don’t want to and she doesn’t restrict them from watching the TV if they also read enough and have balance.

However, there are a few things that bother her, make her angry and cause her to doubt her parenting. She doesn’t like it when they don’t listen and when they whine, like most parents. But her biggest problem, is when they start quarreling. They squabble about who gets to use the iPad, who gets to use it longer and which one of them is the actual winner of the games they play on it.

In the same way, they will quarrel about the largest slice of cake, the most amount of icing, the prettier dish and so on. Sometimes they’ll start insulting each other by calling the other person names. She admits that it really affects her when they do this and makes her question her own abilities as a mother.

In spite of their differences though, no matter how much they fight, everyday at 16:04 PM when her son steps out of the bus that brings him back from school, they greet each other with a lot of hugging and kissing. Then they link arms and tell each other how much they love each other. As their mom, she just hopes that no matter how much they fight, they will always be able to find it in themselves to make up afterwards.

There is actually a profound lesson we can learn here, although we might have silly differences with the one’s we love, we should always make it a habit to tell them how much we they mean to us, and how much we care. Doing this alone, will create so much more happiness.

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I consider myself to be a fairly tolerant parent. I don’t mind spoiling. If my kids don’t want veggies on their plate at dinner I don’t force them to eat it. And I don’t limit their television viewing all that much as long as they read just as many books. There are a handful of things, however, that can tip me over the edge into that dangerous place of rage, sadness, and self-doubt. Not listening is a big one. Whining is another. But nothing frustrates me more than when my kids fight with each other. They fight over whose turn it is with the iPad, who has more time with the iPad, and who is better at whatever game they are currently playing on the iPad. They fight over who got the bigger piece of cake, more frosting, the better plate. They call each other names and dole out insults like “you’re a butt” and “no YOU’RE a butt.” Sometimes the fighting makes me want to scream or cry, or both. I wonder what I’m doing wrong as a parent, and I lament the fact that two of the people I love the most don’t seem to like each other at times. There are days when it seems like the vast majority of their interactions are acrimonious, hostile, and exasperating. But every afternoon at 4:04pm when my son gets off the school bus from kindergarten, this happens…….they greet each other with hugs, kisses, and walk home arm and arm saying things like, “Your my favorite person.” “Thanks. Your my favorite person, too.” As a parent that’s the best I can hope for. That my babies will fight and forgive. That they will practice what it means to be a human with each other. That they will learn when to stand their ground and when to let something go. That they will learn to be siblings, maybe even favorites. ❤️ #Love

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