A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

8. An Evil Far Greater Than Hitler

Elitism & the Ethos of Eugenics

Almost everyone around the world is now familiar with the concept of the Great Reset, thanks in large part to the well-advertised theatrics of the World Economic Forum — a relatively young instrument of globalism but a significant one nonetheless.

As you might’ve guessed, the WEF receives funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and has multiple Directors that are also current members of the CFR, such as the Co-founder of BlackRock, Laurence D. Fink, and the Co-founder of the Carlyle Group, David Rubenstein, who serves as the current Chairman of the CFR.

According to historian Laurence H. Shoup, author of two illuminating books on the Council’s history, the CFR has played a significant role in the decision making process of the World Economic Forum throughout the years. (Wall Street’s Think Tank, Chapter 4, 2004) More recently, independent journalist Johnny Vedmore detailed how several CFR members “were the real driving force behind the creation of the World Economic Forum”.

The key CFR figure involved here, was then Professor Henry Kissinger who played a pivotal role in shaping the perceptions of a young Klaus Schwab, at the time attending Harvard’s JFK School of Administration — where astute students learn how to become future managers of society.

Schwab would later name Kissinger as one of only three leaders in his lifetime “who really made a lasting impression on me… and… changed my thinking”. Interestingly, whilst instructing ambitious minds like Klaus Schwab at Harvard, Kissinger’s Course was being covertly funded by the CIA. (See HERE and HERE)

Henry Kissinger (left), Klaus Schwab (center) and former UK Prime Minister, and accused pedophile, Edward Heath (right) at Davos in 1980 | Image Source

In this way, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are students and instruments of an older preexisting establishment and agenda to implement stronger World Government. In fact, even the greatest boogeyman of them all, Adolph Hitler, was a student and instrument of this elitist establishment which invariably came to use him as a tool to implement the founding of an unprecedented shadow Global Government, which we’ve already explored.

More than simply empower Hitler militarily, however, the Elitist Establishment also inspired his genocidal ideology through the propagation of their own elitist ethos known as Eugenics, which is the notion that most of society — including “white” people — come from poor genetics and are therefore not fit to live, or at least procreate, and should be pacified and/or sterilized to make way for “superior” Elitist approved stock.

These insane ideas, which I have oversimplified but not exaggerated, got their official start in the United Kingdom under Sir Francis Galton — Charles Darwin’s cousin and friend — and were then widely adopted amongst elitists in the United States and elsewhere, thanks in large part to Charles Darwin’s son, Leonard Darwin, who organized the First International Congress on Eugenics.(See First Congress, London, 1912)

Amongst the most dedicated supporters, included some of the richest people in the world at that time, most notably Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller Jr,  and Mary Williamson Harriman— the mother of the infamous Harriman brothers that helped build up Nazi Germany — along with many other prominent figures, including world renowned scientists and even U.S. Presidents.

Screenshot Source

To put this mostly hidden history into perspective, by 1931 the U.S. Government had imposed laws in 28 of 48 States legalizing the sterilization of anyone considered unfit to have children — two years before Hitler had even come to power. Consequently, the Nazis were inspired by the Elitism they saw dominating the United States which served as a blueprint and model for them to emulate and implement their own Eugenical laws. (See HERE and HERE)

Hitler himself was profoundly influenced by the infamous American Eugenist Madison Grant, a Co-founder of the Galton Society and  American Eugenics Society (AES). Grant had written a popular pseudoscience publication in 1916 entitled The Passing of the Great Race which left such a lasting impression on Hitler that he later wrote Grant a personal letter of gratitude and called the bookmy Bible.

Grant was very well connected and received massive amounts of funding from John D. Rockefeller Jr. and other financial juggernauts like JP Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, George Fisher Baker and even Jewish banker Jacob Schiff.

After Grant died in 1937, an area the size of 1,600 football fields within California’s Redwoods State Park was officially named the Madison Grant Forest and Elk Refuge in his memory. The commemoration was established through funding from several institutions and individuals, which included John D. Rockefeller Jr at the top of that list just behind Madison’s brother, De Forest Grant.

The memorial was taken down recently in 2021 due to Grant’s shameful legacy | Screenshot Source

The other notable Eugenics book which had a profound influence on Hitler’s convoluted elitist worldview was the Principles of Human Heredity and Race Hygiene, written by another recipient of Rockefeller funding, German Professor Eugen Fischer — a close ally of Madison Grant — and then Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics. This Institute, which was well funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, invariably became the brains of the Nazi Eugenics Final Solution program and Fischer’s genocidal book served as its scientific foundation.

Professor Eugen Fischer (center) doing a Nazi salute in 1934 at the University of Berlin | Image Source

The Rockefeller’s Eugenical influence in Germany was so profound during this time, that Dr. Stefan Kühl wrote in his groundbreaking book The Nazi Connection that “The Rockefeller Foundation played the central role in establishing and sponsoring major eugenic institutes in Germany…”. This was further echoed more recently in 2012 by scholar Lia Weintraub who states, “The Germans’ early work in eugenics would not have been possible without the extensive support of the Rockefeller Foundation”.

Despite the incontrovertible evidence  demonstrating the Rockefeller family’s massive contribution to the rise of Nazi Germany both militarily and ideologically, not one single family member has ever apologized or acknowledged any wrongdoing.


Screenshot of a letter from Carlos P. Blacker to Dorothy Brush describing “crypto-eugenics”, 13 April 1956 | Source

After the Eugenics program in Germany was exposed to the public as a vicious campaign of genocide, the American Eugenics Establishment quietly went underground to rebrand itself without changing its true purpose. As detailed by award winning historians’ Edwin Black, Linda Gordon and Matthew Connelly, respectively, instead of Eugenics they would now disguise their agenda in the sheepskins of “Genetics“, “Population Control” and “Family Planning“.

The Rockefeller Establishment was once again intimately involved here. The prestigious Institute for Human Genetics in Copenhagen, for example, was founded with Rockefeller money under the Directorship of Dr. Tage Kemp, a prominent Rockefeller scientist and Eugenist from Denmark. The Institute went on to become a leader in the field of “Genetics” whilst continuing its research into Eugenics.

Correspondingly, the influential Population Council was founded by CFR veteran and Rockefeller Foundation Chairman John D. Rockefeller III in 1952, where he chose the former President of the American Eugenics Society (AES) Major General Frederick H. Osborn — the nephew of AES Co-founder (alongside Madison Grant) Henry Fairfield Osborn Sr. — to be his first Director and succeeding President. According to the Wall Street Journal, six of the Council’s ten founding members were intimately involved with the Eugenics Establishment.

Frederick, who was also a CFR veteran, openly praised the Nazi Eugenics program in 1937 and even distributed Nazi propaganda to different institutions including High Schools. More significantly, he was a key figure in the perceptual transmutation of Eugenics to the more amenable terminology of Genetics and Population Control.

The new strategy proved highly effective, and by 1968 the Population Council methodically recruited thirty Governments worldwide to adopt Population Control programs. (See HERE and HERE) This culminated in an infamous partnership between the U.S. and Indian Governments in which millions of Indian civilians were sterilized — many of them forced and virtually all of them coerced. (See HERE and HERE) There were also reportedly two thousand deaths due to medical errors.

The Gazette, 6 November 1976, Page 2 | Source

Another useful vehicle that was hijacked and weaponized by the Eugenics Establishment in the wake of World War II, was Environmentalism. Just three years after the War ended in 1948, Henry Fairfield Osborn Jr — cousin of Frederick Osborn and son of Henry Fairfield Sr mentioned above — published Our Plundered Planet, proclaiming the world to be severely overpopulated (more than two billion human beings ) and in urgent need of having its numbers reduced through Population Control.

Failure to do so, he suggested, would result in famine, starvation or war. In fact, Osborn went so far as to claim the recent World War — and even the First World War before it — were both thespawnof overpopulation. Unsurprisingly, the book was well received, widely propagated and quickly became a Best Seller.

That same year, a friend of Osborn Jr that worked as an Associate Director under Nelson Rockefeller during the War, William Vogt, published Road to Survival, which likewise alleged the greatest threat to the Planet, and thus Humanity, was the evil of overpopulation which would result in recurring cycles of famine and war if left unchecked, thereby threatening the security and wellbeing of the United States.

To deal with this supposed scourge, Vogt recommended “Vigorous birth-control campaigns, using all educational and advertising techniques” available; Coercive programs of sterilization aimed at pacifying the poor; and withholding food aid from nations deemed to be overpopulated unless their leaders agreed to Population Control programs. (See HERE and HERE) In fact, Vogt went so far as to even claim food aid interfered with the effectiveness of famines in reducing populations that had grown too large. Like his ideological counterpart, Vogt’s publication was infectiously spread throughout the media and likewise became a Best Seller.

Despite major factual errors in both publications (see pages 53 & 54) and the inhumane implications inferred, these two books became so remarkably influential that historians today credit them as being the force behind the modern Environmental Movement and its virulent obsession with “overpopulation”.

Source One | Source Two

The same year these perfidious books were released to the pubic, Henry Fairfield Osborn Jr. founded the Conservation Foundation (CF) as a special Division within the New York Zoological Society, of which he was then President. Notably, the Zoological Society (today the Wildlife Conservation Society) was originally founded in 1895 by the infamous Madison Grant alongside Osborn’s father, Henry Fairfield Sr.

Amongst the founding Trustees of the Conservation Foundation, included Laurance S. Rockefeller, David H. McAlpin and De Forest Grant. Laurance was the younger brother of Population Council founder John D. Rockefeller III; David H. McAlpin was a cousin of the Rockefeller brothers; and De Forest was the younger brother of the deceased Madison Grant. William Vogt served as an Advisor and later joined as Secretary.

With the financial backing of donors like the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, CF successfully acculturated the new agenda into the educational curriculum of Primary Schools, High Schools and Universities throughout the country; They planted specious stories in notable newspapers, released dozens and dozens of influential broadcasts and films, conducted science studies that predictably supported their views and invariably redefined environmental policies by inserting their members into key positions within the Government and elsewhere. According to the New York Times, Laurance S. Rockefeller alone went on to advise more than half a dozen Presidents on Environmental issues, spanning more than four decades of leadership. (See paragraph 12)

Unsurprisingly, CF worked closely with the Population Council and the clandestine Eugenics Establishment at large. In 1990, CF would merge operations with prince Bernard’s World Wildlife Fund (WWF) — yet another Eugenist creation that we will address in due time.

Front cover of The Population Bomb, 1968

The infiltration of public perception reached a new paradigm in 1968 when Professor Paul R. Ehrlich — who was profoundly influenced by Osborn Jr and Vogt — published The Population Bomb through the Sierra Club, yet another Environmental group that was founded in part by prominent Eugenists.

Professor Ehrlich made his predecessors seem prudent by way of comparison. He predicted “hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death” in the 1970s alone and detailed three coming future scenarios in which plague, famine, mass starvation, and war decimated the world’s population. All the result, he claimed, of overpopulation.

In a subsequent news article published by Ehrlich, he went so far as to claim that “the end of the ocean” and the extinction of “all important animal life in the sea” would take place by the end of 1979. Not scary enough for you? Ehrlich even claimed that “England will not exist in the year 2000”.

To accompany his extreme predictions, Ehrlich happily offered extreme suggestions, most notably “the addition of temporary sterilants to water supplies or staple food”, which he claimed was “often mentioned” by his colleagues and fellow scientists when discussing Population Control. If there is one honest thing that has ever been said by the charlatan Paul R. Ehrlich, it is indeed that likeminded medical experts shared his insidious views.

The same year Ehrlich’s book was released, for example, Dr. Melvin M. Ketchel of Tufts University published an influential paper in Johns Hopkins’ science Journal, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, entitled Fertility Control Agents as a Possible Solution to the World Population Problem — where he openly declared that “Voluntary methods [of population control] are to be preferred if they will work, but if they do not, then involuntary methods must be used.” (See second paragraph)

He recommended that any such methods be “easily and unobtrusively included in the intake of everyone in the population”. One such method deemed worthy of consideration was “an agent [that] might be included in the water supply”.  (See final paragraph) After discussing these ideas with a “number of colleagues”, Ketchel believed that “such compounds should be available for field testing in a relatively short time, perhaps five to fifteen years.” (For those unaware “field testing” means real world experimentation)

Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Volume 11, Number 4, 1968, pp. 687-703 | Source

The following year in 1969, then President of the Population Council Bernard Berelson — the former Director of the Behavioral Sciences Division at the Ford Foundation — published a paper in the prestigious Journal Science assessing the most promising Population Control ideas in circulation at the time.

Amongst the works he cited most worthy of consideration, included the clandestine sterilization proposals of Dr. Melvin M. Ketchel and Professor Paul R. Ehrlich. Unsurprisingly, Berelson concluded that the “Establishment of involuntary fertility control” methods were likely the most effective means of population control. (See Table 1 below)

Beyond Family Planning, Science, Vol. 163, No. 3867, Feb. 7, 1969, 533-543 | Source

Another important organization that we must address in relation to the Eugenics-Population Control movement is the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). Although entrenched in political propaganda, PPFA is undeniably a Eugenical creation that was largely established through Rockefeller funding and founded by outspoken Eugenist Margaret Sanger, who at times even enjoyed a private relationship with the Rockefeller family.

More indicting still, is that it’s been reported by several credentialed authorities (see HERE, HERE and HERE) that Margaret Sanger was an official member of the American Eugenics Society. Furthermore, according to a 1947 Membership Report from the British Eugenics Society, Sanger was also a Life Fellow of that older institute. (Listed as Slee, Mrs. Margaret Sanger)

Sanger’s true character is further elucidated in her 1922 book The Pivot of Civilization, where she cites multiple Eugenical authorities, including the elitist founder Sir Francis Galton, to support her rabid worldview that less privileged classes — whom she at different times in her book describes asfeebleminded; half witted; morons; defectives;imbeciles and human waste  — are a danger to society that should be eliminated, if necessary, through immediate sterilization or other drastic and Spartan methods.

Although PPFA has recently been forced to confront its founder’s shameful legacy — at least partially — the Truth is that it wasn’t just Sanger that held these elitist views. From its inception, PPFA was guided by prominent figures within the Eugenics Establishment.

Washington Post, 21 July 2020 | Source

During the first Birth Control Conference in the United States  — which marked the launch of Planned Parenthood (originally founded as the American Birth Control League) — a number of leading Eugenists were listed as official Conference Committee members, including the Co-founder and First President of the American Eugenics Society Professor Irving Fisher; Future UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill; Doctors’ Sigard Adolphus Knopf and Lydia Allen DeVilbiss; As well as the infamous Nazi supporter Lothrop Stoddard, amongst others. Dr. Lydia De Vilbiss was also noted as an official incorporator of ABCL alongside Margaret Sanger.

Amongst other notable Eugenists that played leading roles in establishing Planned Parenthood’s operations, both locally and abroad, included several prominent members of the American Eugenics Society, most notably two former Presidents — Dr. Clarence Cook Little and Professor Henry Pratt Fairchild — as well as former Vice President of the Society, Dr. Alan Frank Guttmacher. (See third paragraph) The former General Secretary of the British Eugenics Society (today the Adelphi Genetics Forum) Dr. Carlos Paton Blacker played an important role in establishing the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

To provide more specific sources and details, Dr. Little became Director of PPFA in 1925 (then called the American Birth Control League) and was later elected President in 1936, reportedly retiring from this position in 1938; Professor Henry Pratt Fairchild joined the Board of Directors in 1932 and served as Vice President from 1939 to 1948 (see third paragraph); Dr. Alan F. Guttmacher played multiple roles beginning in the early 1940s and eventually served as President from 1962 until his death in 1974; And Carlos Paton Blacker played the lead role in drafting the IPPF’s official Constitution, and subsequently served as its First Vice-Chairman from 1953 to 1959 and then Administrative Chairman in 1960.  (See third paragraph) It should also be mentioned that Eugenics disciple William Vogt served as National Director of PPFA from 1951 to 1961.

With this insight, it comes as no surprise to learn that Planned Parenthood, alongside the Population Council and U.S. Government — and of course the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, amongst others— came to play a primary role in the demented Population Control program earlier mentioned in India.

As the perceptive reader might have considered, members of this same clique were also intimately involved in China’s horrific One Child Population Control program (see HERE and HERE) which culminated in 336 million abortions and 196 million sterilizations. According to Social Scientist Steve Mosher, who was stationed in China during this time, many of these “abortions” were actually babies being outright killed after they were delivered from the womb.

Then Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, is awarded the first UN Population Award. She was celebrated alongside Qian Xinzhong, a key figure in China’s One-Child program | Source

In relation to the greater topic in question, let us slightly digress for a moment and consider the significance of this history as it relates to an infamous 2003 interview with Bill Gates, where he is asked what sparked his initial interest in “reproductive issues”, to which he responds that “My dad was head of Planned Parenthood. And it was very controversial to be involved with that. And so it’s fascinating. At the dinner table my parents are very good at sharing the things that they were doing. And almost treating us like adults, talking about that.”

If what Bill Gates suggests here is true, that he was just a child at the time of these crucial conversations, that would mean that Gates Sr. was involved with Planned Parenthood sometime between the mid 1960’s to early 70’s — since Bill Gates was born in 1955 thus making him 18 years old in 1973.

This means that his father played an important role within the organization whilst Planned Parenthood was under the presidency (1962-1974) of the aforementioned Alan F. Guttmacher — the former vice president of the American Eugenics Society (See third paragraph) and a significant figure in the Population Control campaign in India. (See HERE and HERE) Although Guttmacher was a skilled propagandist and chose his words very carefully as President of PPFA, I did manage to track down several separate instances in which he openly suggested involuntary methods of population control be imposed on society. (See HERE, HERE and HERE)

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t just Guttmacher that expressed Eugenical sentiments from within Planned Parenthood during this time either. In a 1969 article published in the New York Times, which was actually focused on praising the efforts of Guttmacher and the PPFA, one  frank board member was quoted as saying, “What it all comes down to, is that we want the poor to stop breeding while we retain our freedom to have large families.” (see far right column, second paragraph)

Additionally, in 1978 the famous disability activist and educator Barbara Waxman Fiduccia, who suffered from spinal muscular atrophy, decided to volunteer at Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles as a teacher, but became disillusioned by what she called “a strong eugenics mentality that exhibited disdain, discomfort and ignorance toward disabled babies.”

When we consider all of this important historical context, in conjunction with the way Gates Jr. describes the adult like nature of the discussions he had with his father and mother about the important role they played within Planned Parenthood during this time, it stands to reason that the younger Gates may have been indoctrinated into the clandestine cult of Eugenics at a very early age. Interestingly, Bill Gates father is well known to have been the original guiding force behind the Foundation.

Telegraph, 22 September 2020 | Source

In fact, the predecessor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was originally the William H. Gates Foundation, which was established by Gates Sr. alongside his friend and former neighbor Suzanne S. Cluett — a career member of Planned Parenthood — which Gates Sr. notes in his autobiography was the common ideological cause that united them. Indeed, when Suzanne Cluett died in 2006, the Gates Foundation donated $1,000,000 to Planned Parenthood for the establishment of the Suzanne Cluett Fund.

Through Cluett, Gates Sr, Jr and ex-wife Melinda were introduced to Dr. Gordon W. Perkin, who Cluett had previously worked under for 14 years. Like Cluett and Gates, Perkin worked for Planned Parenthood during the 1960s and afterwards spent fourteen years at the infamous Ford Foundation as a population advisor.

Gates Foundation, March 20 2010 | Source

During this time, the Ford Foundation played a key role in the aforementioned Population Control program in India. In fact, FF spent more money on Population Control than any other organization in the world at the time. Much of which was given to the Population Council and Planned Parenthood.

In 1977, Dr. Perkin founded the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) with funding from the Ford Foundation. According to PATH’s official website, theirearliest work began in China in 1979, which is the same year the Chinese Government started its One-Child program.

Under Perkin’s Presidency (1980-1999), PATH played a major role in providing the Chinese Government with the Population Control technologies they needed to enforce their One-Child program (See second last paragraph HERE and the Peggy Morrow section HERE) Serving under Perkin as administrative Vice President during this time was Suzanne Cluett. (See paragraph 9) In 2000, Dr. Perkin left PATH to become the Gates Foundation’s first Director of Global Health alongside Suzanne Cluett who served as Associate Director.

With this much greater context concerning the roots from which the Gates Foundation has grown, it’s fairly logical to consider that GF is nothing more than a new vehicle for a much older Elitist Agenda.

Business Insider, July 7 2014 | Source

Picking back up where we left off, concerning the clandestine weaponization of sterilants and fertility control, one month after Population Council president Bernard Berelson published his 1969 paper in Science, then Vice President of Planned Parenthood under Alan F. Guttmacher, Frederick Jaffe, sent a memo to him outlining dozens of population control proposals (see Table 1), including “Encourage increased homosexuality”, “Require women to work”, and use “Fertility control agents in water supply”.

Family Planning Perspectives Vol. 2, No. 4 (Oct 1970), pp. i-xvi (16 pages) | Archived Source

The following year in 1970, the Father of the [contraceptive] pill Carl Djerassi, published a paper entitled Birth Control After 1984, where he deliberated on both Bereleson and Ketchel’s proposals and then expanded on their practical application. For example, Djerassi notes (see far right column point 4) that a sterilant “added to food or water would [need to] be a general environmental pollutant. It would have to be considered a pesticide, albeit one that is directed primarily at humans.” He then proceeds to emphasize that “since initial biological screening for such an agent would be carried out not in man but in animals, an agent truly specific for man would completely escape detection.”

In other words, a weaponized pesticide could serve as the perfect disguise for a Population Control program. For those who may recall a 2017 presentation I gave briefly exploring the chemical herbicide Atrazine, his words are especially chilling.

New Series, Vol. 169, No. 3949, pp. 941-951 (Sep. 4, 1970) | Source

As exposed by Professor Tyrone Hayes, Atrazine has contaminated the water supply throughout the world, which includes the drinking supply and the water we use to grow crops. Professor Hayes originally studied the herbicides effects on frogs and found it was causing chemical castration and “males didn’t breed properly”, some demonstrated unnatural “homosexual behavior”, and others even “completely turned into females”.

What makes Hayes’ findings especially concerning, is that frogs have biological responses similar to humans. In fact, a 2003 study found that men exposed to Atrazine had significantly lower sperm counts compared to those who had not been and a 2013 study found that babies exposed to Atrazine in their mother’s womb developed abnormal genitals.

Unfortunately, Atrazine is far from the only problem. In 2017, a major study examining 185 smaller studies conducted in multiple countries throughout the world showed a 59% decline in healthy male sperm counts from 1973 to 2011. In 2021, one of the authors of that study, renowned Epidemiologist Shanna Swan, warned that sperm counts are on track to reach zero by 2045, meaning humanity may no longer be able to reproduce naturally.

USA Today, 27 February 2021 | Source

Swan claims different manmade chemicals, including Atrazine, are overwhelmingly to blame and may even be partly behind the rising trend in gender dysphoria and gender fluidity, something I proposed back in 2017. When asked in a recent interview if the U.S. government was protecting its people from these harmful chemicals through regulations, she replied (18:03) “It doesn’t protect us and it could. It could do better.” She also points out (18:07) that the chemical manufacturers “often remove the chemical that we’ve identified as harmful and replace it with another one with a slightly different name, which causes the same harm.” For those who are not hopelessly naïve, this definitely reflects clandestine Population Control policies.

Interestingly, two of the largest offending chemical manufacturers responsible for this crisis — Bayer and BASF — were former subsidiaries of Nazi Germany’s IG Farben corporation and played key roles in the extermination of millions of innocent people.

After the War, dozens of Nazi-IG Farben Executives were convicted for war crimes but tragically absolved of wrongdoing by future Council on Foreign Relations Chair and Rockefeller Foundation Trustee John J. McCloy — then High Commissioner to Germany. If that move wasn’t brazen enough, three of those war criminals, Fritz ter Meer, Heinrich Horlein and Carl Wurster, went right back to work for Bayer and BASF in leadership roles.

Telegraph, 5 March 2010 | Source

Another former Nazi party member and IG Farben executive that managed to escape any prosecution after the War was prince Bernard of the Netherlands. (see HERE and HERE) The former Nazi official went on to establish the infamous Bilderberg Group in 1954 and served as Chairman until 1976.

In 1961, Bernhard also co-founded the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), alongside several other influential figures, most notably Godfrey A. Rockefeller; British monarch Prince Philip (who had three sisters that were married to Senior Nazi officials), and the first Director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Julian Huxley — a former President and lifetime member of the British Eugenics Society.

As mentioned earlier, WWF merged with the Conservation Foundation in 1985 creating the largest “conservation” organization in the world. Unsurprisingly — as cogently articulated by Political Analyst James Corbett (See Part Two) — the environmental movement continues to be dominated by the same Elitist Establishment in modern times.

Today, the ethos of Eugenics is still very much alive, as personified most recently through the ruling establishment’s irrational imposition of these deadly pseudoscientific lockdown protocols, which forced hundreds of millions of vulnerable people around the world into positions where premature death has become a certain predisposition.

Tens of millions have been pushed to the brink of starvation; Hundreds of millions to poverty; And billions into the immunocompromising environment of anxiety, social isolation, and fear. Whether these vaccines were used for Eugenical purposes, and to what extent, remains to be seen.

A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

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