A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

9. The Great Reset vs the Great Revolution

As expected, the Rockefeller Establishment has its tentacles in every field of formidable influence and population control, offering “humanitarian solutions” in the form of vaccines, clean energy, good food, artificial intelligence, digital identities, cryptocurrency tokens for meals and a pandemic response system that will “protect” everyone from future diseases, amongst other dubious initiatives allegedly interested in the public’s wellbeing. Working close with them, of course, is the Council on Foreign Relations, whose current membership includes seven Rockefeller family members as well as many other infamous figures in world affairs, including George Soros and the enduring Henry Kissinger.

For the credulous commoner, these people are here as our saviors and always have been. But for the informed critical thinker, this establishment has clearly demonstrated a century-long interest in manipulating, controlling, deceiving, and pacifying the common people. To imagine that they’ve had an inexplicable change of heart is obviously irrational and naïve.

Although I have focused my efforts largely on exposing the Rockefeller family and their CFR allies, it’s important not to get hung up on one particular individual, group, or family as being the only threat and danger that we face, since the Council on Foreign Relations and Rockefeller family are themselves mere disciples of an ideology that predates their existence by at least thousands and thousands of years and possibly much longer than that. And that ideology is Elitism, the notion that one group of people, usually a tiny minority, have the right to manipulate, exploit and control a much larger majority — regardless of whether that majority approves or not. And make no mistake about it, that is precisely the goal behind the “Pandemic” and Great Reset, to continue the legacy of Elitism’s dominance over Humanity.

Despite the sense of invincibility and inevitability often associated with this so called Great Reset, and the Elitist Establishment that sits behind it, this theatrical movement does not strike me as an organic creation of their omnipotent genius so much as it does a premature plan that has become a reactionary course of action to counter what invariably constitutes the Great Revolution — An ongoing awakening of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world that threaten their globalist power unlike anything they or their predecessors have ever seen before. The term “Great Reset” even implies going back to how things were before — presumably pre-internet — since the worldwide web has kicked off a mass awakening unlike anything before in known history.

Since the internet’s introduction, the momentum of awakening and rebellion, as personified through a growing body of investigative bloggers, social media personalities, independent film makers, decentralized currencies, ethical hackers, off grid communities, innovative technologies, open-source economies, and so on and so forth — have grown exponentially and beyond the control of the conventional establishment. Even this blog, both in terms of its contents and its reach, would never have been possible had it not been for the revolutionary power of the internet. Being as such, the “Pandemic” and “Great Reset” are almost certainly reactionary movements scrambling to keep up with the Great Revolution of millions and millions of people who are growing more and more disillusioned with the establishment with each passing day.

In this way, the ruling class are not as invulnerable as many make them out to be. In fact, their power is remarkably fragile since it rests on the insipid power of deception and illusion, which invariably bows, or evaporates, when confronted by uncompromising Truth and thus Reality. This becomes especially inevitable since most people detest the thought of being manipulated and earnestly believe in the principles of Humanity, Integrity, and Justice, and would never wittingly serve what could justifiably be called evil. In fact, some of the fiercest opposition the Establishment has ever faced were people that at one time served it through innocent ignorance.

These masters of manipulation and psychological warfare, however, want to make us feel hopeless, defeated and alone, so that we will not continue to pursue our Great Revolution and instead bow to their Great Reset. The lengths to which they will go to preserve their power and prominence are undoubtedly overwhelming to consider. But if we do not stand against their incessant impositions, then we comply; and if we comply, then we cooperate; and to cooperate with such vile evil and filth is absolutely unthinkable, and thus it is honorable to oppose them at all costs.

Their power has always been rooted in our ignorance, so it stands to reason that our disillusionment will result in their downfall. I would argue that this is already taking place. In this way, each and every one of us can contribute because each and every one of us can promote Awareness. If not for yourself personally, since you may be exhausted and disappointed by this Earthly existence, and understandably so, then please find the courage for the future generations still to come. Contrary to what the Eugenics Establishment would have us believe, Humanity as personified through the innocence of the untainted child is profoundly beautiful, it is Elitism and its unending encroachments that is the true cancer to society.

Written By Gavin Nascimento, founder of aNewKindofHuman.com, and Author of A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

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A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

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