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Some of The Most Relevant Experiments & Documents That We Know About 

Operation Sea-Spray
(Sep 1950) Operation Sea-Spray commences in which the Navy sprays San Francisco with the bacteria Serratia marcescens (SM) resulting in at least eleven hospitalizations and one death, which we only know about because a small group of diligent Medical Researchers published a paper on the never before seen outbreak whereas the government never even monitored the health outcome of this large population. One of the most notable mentions the researchers made in their paper was that “All strains of the organism were highly resistant in vivo and in vitro to all antibiotics currently available”, which illustrates its efficacy as a bioweapon. (See Summary).
operation sea spray

The Missoulian, 2 December 1988, Page 6| Source

Despite the obvious danger posed, SM continued to be sprayed in different parts of the U.S. for two more decades, and by 1979 was recognized “as a cause of serious infection in man”. After the project was finally exposed in 1976, the official argument (which persists to this very day) is that SM was thought to be harmless at the time, this has been disproven by biowarfare expert Professor Leonard Cole.

Virginia & Pennsylvania
(7 May – 4 June 1951) Predominantly African American workers at Norfolk Supply Center in Virginia and Mechanicsburg in Pennsylvania are secretly targeted (see HERE and HERE) by the Army with the dangerous fungus Aspergillus fumigatus to allegedly see how it affects Black people biologically. No one monitored the health outcomes of these workers but current estimates state that the fungus kills over 600,000 people annually.

Mind Control & Sex Abuse

mkultra sex abuse

(9 July 1951) Declassified documents —  screenshot above —of a CIA instructor claiming to have successfully hypnotized “young girls” and a married woman to have sex with him.

(25 Sep 1951) Declassified documents — partially screenshot above —detailing the successful use of code words to hypnotize “girls” into carrying out a hypothetical bombing without their conscious awareness.

Fort McClellan, Alabama

(16 July 1952 – 28 Sep 1952) After obtaining declassified documents from the army, the Anniston Star reported the aforementioned Serratia marcescens — which can cause pneumonia — is sprayed a dozen times at Fort McClellan, Alabama, in Calhoun County. Another bacteria which can also be harmful for the immunocompromised, Bacillus globigii (GB), is also sprayed. That same year, cases in pneumonia reportedly spike by 240%, whereas surrounding counties actually experience a decrease (except for Clay County reporting one additional case compared to zero from the previous year).

cold war experiments anniston star

Anniston Star, April 19 1981, Page 9 | Source

The health outcomes of the people exposed to these experiments were never monitored but reports allege twenty nine pneumonia deaths (see HERE and HERE) recorded in Calhoun County alone.

Key West, Florida
(1952) SM is also sprayed in Key West, Florida and a reported tenfold increase in pneumonia cases follows, as well as a spike in deaths from four to thirty. The government officially acknowledged the tests but denied any increase in deaths or disease. (See page 145)

The Killing of Harold Blauer
(11 Dec 1952 – 8 Jan 1953) Professional tennis player Harold Blauer checks himself into Columbia University’s New York Psychiatric Institute (NYPSI) seeking help for depression. Unknown to Blauer, NYPSI is being used for clandestine experimentation and he is unwittingly vaccinated on several occasions with compounds similar to mescaline. Despite repeated requests for the injections to stop, Blauer is eventually given a fatal dose and dies on the 8th of January 1953. What followed was an elaborate cover up by the government and respected medical officials for more than two decades. In 1987, a federal judge ruled that the government must pay $700,000 to Blauer’s surviving family members for wrongful death.

Weaponizing Insects (Entomological Warfare)

Entomological Warfare

(1953) Declassified documents — screenshot above — detailing the successful weaponization of insects like mosquitoes, lice, fleas and ticks that can “cause severe epidemics under naturally occurring conditions.”

Clinton Elementary School, Minneapolis
(1953) Unsuspecting children and others at Clinton Elementary School in Minneapolis are repeatedly sprayed with the toxic chemical zinc cadmium sulfide (ZnCdS). Although the health outcomes of these children were never monitored in the short or long term, hundreds of former students later claim serious health problems.
clinton elementary experiments

Star Tribune, 15 May 1997, Page 4 | Source

Despite the excuse that ZnCdS was thought to be safe at the time of these experiments, biowarfare expert Professor Leonard Cole cites a 1932 Report that states “cadmium, no matter how small the amount taken into the lungs, causes pathologic changes, and that there is, therefore, no permissible amount of cadmium.” He also points out that “cadmium oxide was a standardized chemical warfare agent during World War II”.
Pruitt-Igoe, St. Louis
(1953) At the same time that Clinton Elementary was being secretly sprayed with ZnCdS, so was the impoverished Pruitt–Igoe neighborhood in St. Louis under the guise of testing a blanket of smoke that would hide residents from a possible Russian attack. Although there was likewise no effort made to monitor the health outcomes of these +10,000 residents — 70% of which were reportedly children (see paragraph nine) — residents report high incidences of cancer. Cadmium sulfide is recognized today as carcinogenic. Much of the details concerning the St. Louis experiments, like others on this list, remain classified. But according to Professor Lisa Martino-Taylor, Pruitt-Igoe was also secretly targeted with radiation experiments.

Implanting False Identities


(7 Jan 1953) Declassified documents — partially screenshot above —detailing the successful hypnotization of two 19-year-old girls conditioned to embody new personalities (multiple personalities) “to a point where they can believe a change in identity on their part even on the polygraph”. (See line 15) This is accomplished through trigger terms via the “telephone, by receiving written matter, or by the use of code, signal, or words…” (See line 10)

Operation Big Itch
(1954) Interested in weaponizing Oriental fleas (xenopsylla cheopis), the Army implements Operation Big Itch in which hundreds of thousands of uninfected plague fleas are dropped from airplanes over guinea pigs. The experiment is considered a success and plans to produce 50 million fleas a week are put forward.

Programmed Assassins

MKULTRA assassin

(10 Feb 1954) Declassified documents — partially screenshot above — detailing how a hypnotized woman (who had a fear of guns) is programmed to carry out a hypothetical assassination in which she “expressed complete amnesia for the entire sequence. (See page 1, point 1)
Documents Detailing Shocking Claims of Mind Control Experts
(5 May 1955) Declassified documents reporting on three CIA contacts (“expert practitioners”) that are so skilled at mind control, that not only could they brainwash someone into carrying out a shooting or assassination, but their role in doing so would never be traced back to them by investigators. (See page 5, first and second paragraph)
MKULTRA mind control experiment
The documents also detail a case — screenshot above — in which a CIA Instructor claims to have “converted a campus atheist to a devout believer” through hypnosis. It then concludes that “it appears to be easier to hypnotize large numbers of people than a single subject…” and cites what is presumably a classified experiment which has been redacted from the document. (See page 6, Analogous Case #1)
Operation Big Buzz and Drop Kick
(1956-1958) Interested in weaponizing yellow fever, the Army implements Operation Big Buzz and Drop Kick in which several hundred thousand uninfected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are released in Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida through airplanes, helicopters, and ground devices to allegedly monitor how many people get bitten. Although this may sound harmless, Aedes aegypti are recognized as one of the most dangerous creatures in the world since they are key transmitters of deadly diseases like dengue, chikungunya, zika and yellow fever. By massively increasing their numbers in the wild it undeniably increases the chances of them spreading a deadly disease from a very sick animal or person to the rest of the population. The health outcomes of these residents were never monitored but experimentation into weaponizing mosquitoes continued and by 1960 half a million infected mosquitoes were being produced at Fort Detrick per month with plans to produce nearly a thousand fold more. (See third paragraph)
Operation Large Area Coverage (LAC)

operation lac testimony

Testimony of biowarfare expert Professor Leonard Cole before the House of Representatives, September 28, 1994, Page 133 | Source

(1957-1958) Operation LAC (Large Area Coverage) commences in which massive amounts of the toxic chemical zinc cadmium sulfide are sprayed over “the United States from the Rockies to the Atlantic, from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico”. (See page 120, paragraph 3) This exposes millions of men, women and children to unnecessary health dangers. Serratia marcescens and aspergillus fumigates, which we’ve already established as also being potentially dangerous, are likewise sprayed. There was no effort to monitor the health outcomes of this massive population. These chemical were sprayed from airplanes.
Washington National Airport & Greyhound Bus Terminal
(1964-1965) The bacteria Bacillus globigii (BG) are repeatedly released throughout Washington’s National Airport and Greyhound Bus Terminal during peak hours exposing large numbers of unsuspecting commuters who, in turn, reportedly spread the bacteria to more than 200 cities. BG, which has since been renamed Bacillus atrophaeus, was alleged to have been completely harmless by the Establishment during this time, but as sourced and documented by biowarfare expert professor Leonard Cole,evidence has long existed” that BG can cause disease in immunocompromised individuals. The U.S. government has since acknowledged that BGhave been associated with acute infections of the ear, meninges (brain lining), urinary tract, lung, heart valve, bloodstream, and other body sites”. No effort was made to monitor the health outcomes of these large populations.
New York Subway
(June 1966) The CIA release massive amounts of Bacillus globigii in New York’s Subway system which reportedly exposed more than a million commuters. Originally it was reported that the bacteria used was the more dangerous Serratia marcescens but this was later recanted in congressional testimony by an official citing an Army reporting mistake. Nonetheless, as we’ve already explored, BG can cause sickness and disease. The health outcomes of these unsuspecting commuters were never monitored so we have no reliable information concerning possible health complications.
Mind Controlled Dogs
(28 Sep 1967) Declassified documents detailing mind controlling dogs remotely. You can read an establishment media report on the experiment HERE.
Weaponizing Ticks
(1966 – 1969) Several experiments are conducted in Virginia and Montana (See HERE, HERE and HERE) in which 282,800 radioactive ticks are released into the wild. As detailed by award winning medical researcher Kris Newby, the Virginia experiments “were located on the Atlantic Flyway, the migratory bird superhighway that runs along the eastern South American and North American coasts.” The significance of this being that the birds could serve as transporters for these ticks across the country and beyond, increasing the risk of some form of infection being spread.
Project 112 & SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense)
(1962–1973) Project 112 & Project SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense) commence in which thousands of unsuspecting U.S. military personnel are experimented on, as well as an unknown number of foreign civilians and nationals located abroad too. Test locations include Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, the U.K., Puerto Rico, Panama, the Marshall islands and multiple areas within the United States. The Canadian and U.K. governments were joint partners in some of these tests too. These experiments not only included the use of the potentially dangerous “simulants” already mentioned on this list (SM, BG and ZnCdS) but also more lethal agents like the bacteria Staphylococcal enterotoxin B, Coxiella burnetiid and Pasteurella tularensis; as well as deadly chemicals that are currently considered to be Weapons of Mass DestructionVX and Sarin gas. (See Origin and Background) For at least three decades the government denied the existence of these tests and full public disclosure was only made in 2002forty years after its initial inception. Many veterans that are still alive say they suffer from chronic health problems due to the clandestine experiments, but government sponsored studies have denied any connection (See Q5).
Operation DICE
(1971-1975) Operation DICE commences in which the U.S. Army Chemical Corps and U.K. Microbiological Research Establishment jointly spray U.K. nationals with Bacillus globigii and supposedly “inactivated” Serratia marcescens. According to declassified documents, Germany is used as a testing grounds too. Although there was no official effort to monitor the health outcomes of these populations, numerous reports of uncanny health issues later arose in the U.K. areas sprayed, most notably miscarriages and birth defects. (see paragraph nine) These experiments were part of a much larger biowarfare program in the U.K. which was very similar to the U.S. and likewise targeted millions of unsuspecting civilians and military personnel.
  • There are many, many, many more biological warfare experiments but these are some of the most notable which are backed by incontrovertible evidence.
  • Instructions to request declassified documents directly from the CIA for verification purposes found HERE
A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

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