A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

2. How This All Relates to Current Events?

History empowers us to think beyond the collective ignorance of popular opinion and the perfidious politics that shape it. It allows us to consider palpable possibilities that ordinary minds tend to prematurely reject without appropriately considering. It disillusions our convoluted perceptions and affords us the opportunity to align ourselves with objective reality.

In relation to the original MKULTRA program, and other associated projects, for example, we now know there was, in fact, a massive conspiracy to master mind control and behavioral modification, spanning multiple continents and countries, which resulted in experimenting on millions and millions of unsuspecting civilians and military personnel.

In many instances, this “research” involved world renowned medical experts from top medical schools and healthcare institutions, who were financed by “nonprofit organizations” controlled by the CIA or U.S. military. Furthermore, this research was largely facilitated by technologies owned by the pharmaceutical-vaccine industry, who were likewise secretly working closely with the government.

Equally important to mention, is that the most trusted media outlets of that time were also working with the CIA — including Reuters, NBC, Newsweek, CBS, Time, the Associated Press and New York Times, amongst many others — which may explain why it took more than 20 years, and in some cases more than 40 years, before these clandestine projects were publicly exposed.

If all of that is not concerning enough, most of these programs were conducted under the auspices of providing people with some form of essential healthcare, benevolent protection or public service. Additionally, as detailed on my Patreon account, this uncompromising obsession with behavioral modification and biowarfare technology has persisted throughout modern history — encapsulating governments and clandestine organizations throughout the world — invariably turning innocent civilians, and well-intentioned military personnel, into unsuspecting guinea pigs for the establishment authorities to play with. In fact, in 2002, when asked by the Observer if such experimentation was currently taking place in the United Kingdom, a military spokeswoman replied, “It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research.” (See final paragraph)

When we consider the recent rabid push to vaccinate everyone in the world with a COVID vaccine, despite tens of thousands of doctors and scientists actively saying that this course of action was simply not needed; the coordinated campaign of information control and unprecedented censorship; or the fact that many corresponding institutions that were involved in MKULTRA are likewise involved in current events today, it becomes painfully naïve not to consider the logical possibility that there may be something far more nefarious going on.

This consideration becomes especially relevant when we consider how the official response to the “pandemic” inconspicuously correlates with a number of different behavioral modification techniques studied under MKULTRA associated projects. Let’s look at all of this a little bit closer and dig a bit deeper into what is truly taking place…

Corresponding Institutions

Two of the most prominent manufacturers involved in producing these coronavirus vaccines today — Novartis and Pfizer— had parent companies that were directly involved in MKULTRA — Sandoz and Parke Davis. More significantly, is multiple companies that have been tasked with producing coronavirus vaccines, have untenable records of unethical human experimentation on unsuspecting civilians, thus making them excellent candidates for clandestine experimentation on the population.

We also see many of the same medical schools and healthcare institutions that were involved in the original MKULTRA program, most notably the FDA, NIH and Johns Hopkins University — host of the infamous Event 201 — a gathering of influential establishment figures that took place several months before COVID-19 was officially detected.

As many now know, at this meeting they simulated a pandemicof a novel zoonotic coronavirus and deliberated on how best the establishment should collectively respond to this theoretical pandemic — highlighting the importance of censorship (1:20) and using social media platforms to “flood” people with “good information” (7:52),whilst encouraging governments to be “on a war footing” (7:40) — presumably to suspend peacetime laws in favor of more extreme measures of manipulation — amongst other things. Their recommendations were widely adopted throughout much of the world and further propagated by various leaders.

More prolific than any other field mentioned, however, is undoubtedly non-profit foundations, which were pivotal throughout the “pandemic”, most notably the Wellcome Trust, the Gates Foundation, and further off in the background, the infamous Rockefeller Foundation.

Some of the most prominent supranational authorities that came to dominate pandemic policy around the world, for example, were linked — both past and present — to this powerful clique. This includes the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Initiative (CEPI) which was cofounded in part by the Wellcome Trust and Gates Foundation; The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) which was cofounded in part by the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations; And the World Health Organization (WHO) which received its largest donations from GF and GAVI and had its beginnings partly funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and its policies guided by their health experts too.

It should also be mentioned that Event 201 was cosponsored by the Gates Foundation, and the official host of the event, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, was originally founded in 1916 with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, who have continued to fund the school’s operations for more than 100 years, even up until the present day. In fact, Johns Hopkins and RF are currently involved in a billion dollar lawsuit for unethical experimentation conducted on unwitting civilians in Guatemala during the 1940s, which we will revisit later on.

With that said, as I scrupulously documented in that lengthy presentation I uploaded in August of 2020, the Gates Foundation alone has links to virtually every major national health authority on the planet, including the U.S. CDC and NIH; China’s CDC, Africa’s CDC, and the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care, amongst others. GF also partners closely with the Big Pharma-Vax industry — most notably through GAVI — and holds shares in many of these companies too.

GF also had links to multiple doctors and scientists that advised governments on how best to respond to the “pandemic”. In fact, the initial research paper published in March 2020 that kicked off these pseudoscientific lockdowns was conducted by Imperial College London (ICL), who received $79,006,570 from the Gates Foundation that same month and have been receiving consistent funding from GF since at least 2002. Between 2019 (See pg. 89-90) and 2021 (See pg. 105) the Wellcome Trust also gave Imperial more than £65,000,000. Their “study” has since been called “totally unreliable” and “impossible to read” by other researchers. Despite being recognized as the primary force behind why governments imposed lockdowns, Imperial’s paper was never even published in a science journal or peer reviewed. (See paragraph 5)

As many people on the internet now know, the Gates Foundation’s influence extends into the media, into education, and beyond, but for the sake of readability, and relevance, my point in highlighting its ubiquitous influence is quite simple; the Foundation’s insidiousness indicates that it is likely a vehicle for the shadowy clandestine community, just as the Rockefeller Foundation and other major NGOs like the Ford Foundation (See HERE, HERE and HERE) were during MKULTRA and the Cold War.

Excerpts from the award-winning book The Cultural Cold War by Frances S. Saunders highlighting the little-known significance of major NGOs in clandestine operations

Despite public ignorance pertaining to this profound topic, major “nonprofits” have a long history of clandestine activities (See HERE and HERE) that have invariably come to shape and dominate our global society. The eerie absence of this instructive and imperative history from our media, our schools, or our information hubs like Google and Wikipedia, reinforces the likelihood that the innocuous “nonprofit” sheepskin continues to be the favored disguise of the predatory ruling class.

What makes these considerations especially plausible in the present day is that the Wellcome Trust, Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation all currently have significant links to covert intelligence and/or military.

Nonprofit Foundations Linked Closely to Clandestine Community

Up until last year, the UK’s Wellcome Trust was Chaired by Eliza Manningham-Buller, the former Director-General of the MI5 where she specialized in counter-terrorism. Buller spent 13 years with the Wellcome Trust before stepping down to work for the highly influential Royal Institute of International Affairs aka Chatham House. Wellcome’s current Chief Operating Officer is Paul Schreir, the former CEO of Hakluyt and Company — originally founded by a British MI6 Secret Service Official and notorious for its enduring links to the UK’s Intelligence Agency. Prior to that he served in the Royal Navy as a Commanding Officer.

More recently, Wellcome Trust established Wellcome Leap and named a former Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Regina E. Dugan as their CEO and a former Deputy Director of DARPA, Kaigham J. Gabriel, as their Chief Operating Officer. We will explore DARPA’s dubious role in all of this momentarily.

In the case of The Gates Foundation, the Chair of their Scientific Advisory Committee is Rhodes Scholar Sir John Bell, who also sits on the Advisory Board of the above mentioned MI6 linked Hakluyt and Company. Their current Chief of staff of Global Health is Jennifer Weisman, a former consultant to the Pentagon and DARPA. GF’s Director of Innovative Technology Solutions is Dan Wattendorf, a former Project Manager at DARPA. Wattendorf was instrumental in the development of the mRNA vaccine technology being used around the world today. Bill Gates himself has a history of working with the U.S. military and the NSA but we will address his character and Foundation in much greater detail later on.

Then we have the pioneering Rockefeller Foundation; In 2019 RF established Atlas AI — a “public good company” focused on the development of artificial intelligence and named another former Director of DARPA, Victoria Coleman, as their first CEO. The Foundation’s current Chair of the Board is Admiral James Stavridis, the 16th Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and a former Senior Military Assistant to the US Secretary of Defense. He is also the current Chair of the Board of the US Naval Institute and the Chief International Security Analyst for NBC News.

The current President of RF is Dr. Rajiv Shah. Prior to his appointment with the Foundation he served as the 16th Administrator of another “nonprofit” group, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which has a history of conducting clandestine operations. In fact, whilst Shah was in charge of the Agency between 2010 and 2015, USAID got caught trying to destabilize the government of Cuba under the guise of providing lifesaving healthcare to the people.

In 2013, whilst Shah again was presiding over the Agency, something similar reportedly happened in Bolivia and USAID was accused and subsequently expelled for trying to undermine the government. Prior to USAID, Shah worked for the Gates Foundation and before that was named one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders in 2007.

A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

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