A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

4. Marketing a New Cold War with The Same Old Tricks

Dr Giordano presents himself as an ethicist, and is internationally renowned as such, but his obvious indifference — and occasional exhilaration — when discussing the weaponization of these disturbing technologies is indicative of his true nature and clandestine character. In fact, rather than argue in defense of an international ethics shared by all of humanity — which is what one would expect from a professional ethicist — Giordano instead uses his platform and influence to suggest that “good” is an invented social construct and other nations will not share the moral standards of the United States, with a specific emphasis on China. As a result, Giordano argues that using morality as a guide can serve as a “constraint” in the competition against China for predominance over mind control and nanotechnology.

Here, again, we encounter the original MKULTRA blueprint and methodology, which was spearheaded by Cold War propaganda that communist China, Russia and Korea were engaged in unprecedented mind control experiments, so U.S. personnel should compromise their ethical standards — which invariably led to untenable experiments on the civilian population.

New York Times, August 2 1977 | Source

Today we know that the Communist establishment was never invested in a mind control program comparable to MKULTRA, and although this “mistake” has been blamed on poor intelligence time and time again, the reality is that the U.S. Navy was engaged in a predecessor program known as Project CHATTER as early as 1947 and CIA Director Allen Dulles acknowledged that MKULTRA was partly inspired by a 1949 Report entitled Psychochemical Warfare, a New Concept of War — both of which took place before the Cold War officially broke out.

In addition to that, during the early 1940s — when the U.S. and Russian governments were allied against Nazi Germany in World War II — the Macy Conferences convened and demonstrated an obvious establishment interest in behavioral modification and mind control. In fact, several experts that attended the conferences — Dr. Harold Wolff, Dr. Harold A. Abramson and Dr. Carl Pfieffer — later worked directly on MKULTRA. (See HERE and HERE) Furthermore, the Conferences were organized by the Josiah Macy Jr Foundation, which became a conduit for future MKULTRA funding and research.

Although I have no doubt that many individuals within the US government, and even within the intelligence community, earnestly believed in the Cold War propaganda and rhetoric — and reacted accordingly — at the highest levels of the intelligence community this narrative clearly served as a coercive recruiting tool to accomplish the premeditated objective of using the most capable experts to master mind control, behavioral modification and biowarfare. When I listen to James Giordano, I can’t help but get the impression that he’s using this same persuasive propaganda for the same specious reason.

If we look beyond this superfluous narrative, however, and do a little bit of independent analysis of our own, we learn that the chief authority overseeing China’s nanotech “mind control” program is the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), an institution that has received millions of dollars from one of DARPA’s most notable allies — the Gates Foundation. In fact, there are several GF grants that have been awarded to CAS which are currently active. The Academy has also received several hundred thousand dollars from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and is currently serving out an active grant from them as well. It should be mentioned that James Giordano is also a former recipient of funding from the Laurance S. Rockefeller Trust and was awarded (2007-2009) for his efforts to that effect.

If you are feeling confused about what appears to be counterintuitive conflicts of interest, it’s not due to any practical fault of your own, but rather a reflection of the duplicitous dealings of the ruling class and the perfidious illusions they inculcate to invert the objective reality of how establishment power earnestly operates. You see, during the original Cold War, the Rockefeller family did something very similar.

On the one hand, the Rockefeller Foundation was considered “an integral component of America’s Cold War machinery” and were instrumental in clandestine warfare activities aimed against Communist Russia. As noted in this blog, for example, the Rockefeller family also helped fund MKULTRA research which was purportedly pursued in response to the threat of Communism. (See HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE) In fact, when Nelson Rockefeller was named the first Undersecretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) — a Department he convinced the Government to create — he allowed the CIA to use the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) for MKULTRA operations. (See HERE, HERE and HERE)

The Rockefellers as a family were involved in multiple facets of intelligence gathering and execution during this time. In fact, Nelson Rockefeller also served as Special Assistant to President Eisenhower on psychological warfare and how best to deal with Communist Russia. According to former high-ranking CIA official and Rockefeller family friend, Tom Braden, despite how entrenched Nelson was within the clandestine community his younger brother David was “much, much, much closer” (see footnotes) and even financed operations against Communist Russia off the books. Yet, on the other hand, the Rockefeller brothers and company were also engaged in building up this same alleged threat.

New York Times, 1 August 1964 | Digital version of article HERE

During the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 — when MKULTRA was still in operation and the Cold War was considered to be at its height — David Rockefeller attended conferences that put him in direct contact with then Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev. This invariably culminated in the establishment of the first US Bank in Russia — Chase Manhattan Bank — whose largest shareholders were the Rockefeller family. (David was also President of Chase from 1961–69 and Chairman from 1969-81 earning Chase the nicknameDavid’s Bank)

Through major funding from David’s Bank, Communist Russia benefited from unprecedented technology transfers — including military tech transfers — that were then used to wage war against U.S. forces in Vietnam and elsewhere. Simply put, the Rockefeller family and their allies were playing both sides of the proverbial Chess Board. Why they were doing this, is something we will establish in due course.

One of the most infamous projects financed by Chase Manhattan in Russia was The Kamaz Automobile Plant which continues to produce Russian military vehicles to this very day, such as the KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon-K pictured above | Image Source

In June of 1973, during China’s infamous Cultural Revolution — an event which incurred a death toll of anywhere between 250,000 to 20,000,000 people — David Rockefeller also met with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Zhou Enlai, which likewise resulted in the establishment of the first US Bank in the region — Chase Manhattan.

Two months after this meeting, David published an article in the New York Times expressing admiration for Mao Zedong’s brutal rise to power, calling the “social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership… one of the most important and successful in history. (See paragraph 13) We will address the hidden hand of the Rockefellers and their allies in China’s infamous One-Child policy later on.

Regarding the CCP’s initial takeover of the country, a 1954 congressional investigation (See pages 42 & 43) noted that “the activities of the Rockefeller Foundation in that nation [China] helped, instead of hindered, the advance of communism…” and one Rockefeller funded organization in particular, the Institute of Pacific Relations, “played a major part in the success of the Chinese Red revolution”.

More recently, in 2021, Chase Bank’s successor, JP Morgan Chase — which Rockefeller Capital Management currently owns more than 1,000,000 shares of — was granted approval as the first fully foreign owned brokerage in China. As documented in a previous post on my Patreon account, Western influence in China is far more extensive than either ruling class lets on.

With that said, it should also be noted that Russia’s current government is closely linked to the Globalist Establishment. Vladimir Putin, for example, is an “old friend” of former U.S. National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger — who got his start in politics throughmy friend, my older brother, my inspiration and my guide Nelson Rockefeller.

New York Times, January 12 2012 | Source

Kissinger also played a key role in building up Communist Russia’s war capability during the Cold War alongside David Rockefeller and is a lifelong member of the infamous Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) — a key organization in the development of World Government — which we will explore in more detail soon.

According to the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, Vladimir Putin is also a former WEF Young Global Leader. (See 1:20) Furthermore, the CEO of the Government’s Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Kirill Dmitriev, is a former Goldman Sachs banker and another former World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, class of 2009. In fact, up until recent public outcry demanded otherwise, Russia’s Government worked very closely with the WEF and will likely continue to do so once political theatrics have subsided.

The Government owned bank, Sberbank, for example, partnered directly with the World Economic Forum on their Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics Initiative; and the bank’s CEO, Herman Gref, was also a WEF Trustee. Before that, Gref was a key Advisor to JP Morgan Chase who partnered with Sberbank to develop a Russian digital currency in 2020.

In fact, even after the U.S. Government officially imposed sanctions on Sberbank, Gref was reportedly still a Director of the Washington based U.S.—Russia Business Council (USRBC), which is made up of numerous American companies with operations in Russia, including Pfizer.

Moscow Times, December 7 2021 | Source

Strangely, there is a common belief in the alternative media that the Russian Government is protecting its population from the Globalist’s elitist agenda. As detailed by former Senior Editor of Russia Today, Riley Waggaman, however, Vladimir Putin has incessantly promoted the fast-tracked pseudoscientific Sputnik V vaccine and resorted to the same sorts of coercive measures and proposals as other globalist leaders around the world.

In fact, the Government shut down a website analogous to the United States’ Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) dedicated to tracking vaccine related injuries and Putin has openly backed legislation in favor of vaccine passports, despite public opinion overwhelmingly being against them. (See point 3)

A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

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