A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

6. MKULTRA 2.0 — The Next Stage in Behavioral Modification & Population Control

COVID-19 was marketed to the world as a new kind of “enemy” and “war”. One that predictably required stronger governance on part of the ruling class and less freedom on part of the common people. More significantly, it created conditions tantamount to social engineering on an inconceivable scale.

Whilst many believe this “pandemic” has come to an end, it is imperative to understand that these events have set a very dangerous precedent for society moving forward. Being as such, it becomes essential that we elucidate the esoteric methodologies being weaponized against us. More specifically, how several major pseudoscientific protocols that were imposed internationally during the “pandemic”, and will likely be imposed in the future, closely resembled behavioral modification techniques that were stringently studied under MKULTRA.

These tactics include heightening the target’s mental anxieties and fears; forcing them into social isolation and depriving them of sensory input and output; And manipulating their environment to create instability and confusion, amongst other things — All of which have been studied and shown to be useful in psychologically breaking people down. Allow me to illuminate your awareness further.

Sky News, 19 May 2020 | Screenshot Source

Amongst the tactics employed, fear mongering was the most obvious form of behavioral modification and mind control, since it literally damages the brain. When we consider how millions of people throughout the world were indoctrinated to fear contact with their own families, friends and loved ones — something that is fundamental for simple sanity and human survival — it becomes clear that fear was weaponized on an unparalleled scale in history.

Always cognizant of the diversity in demographics, however, those who were not fearful of COVID-19 were instead targeted by the ruling class through the threat of unemployment, cultural alienation, and the loss of introductory freedoms.

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As noted on Page 90 of the MKULTRA inspired KUBARK interrogation manual, “sustained long enough, a strong fear of anything vague or unknown induces regression”. Whether that fear represents the possibility of being unemployed, being harassed daily for not complying, or a mutating virus, amongst other things, if “sustained long enough” it begins to wear people down psychologically.

Equally insidious is the imposition of social distancing which, stripped of its Orwellian rhetoric, approximates to social isolation — Something that has been thoroughly studied for its uncanny efficiency in degenerating mental health and inducing behavioral changes. On page 41 of the KUBARK manual, for example, social isolation is recognized as one of the single most important tactics to induce “the process of regression… from maturity toward a more infantile state” where the “learned or structured personality traits fall away”.

In other words, social isolation can be used to strip the individual of their sense of identity and replace it with something more malleable. To accomplish this as effectively as possible, the manual recommends “the interrogator monopolizes the social environment of the source”, which is to say take control of who and what information the target has access to, and therefore their interpretation of reality.

Considering the spike in social media usage during the “pandemic”, alongside Facebook’s dubious history of manipulating their users’ Newsfeeds for the admitted purpose of behavioral modification, it is logical to consider that the world’s largest social media platform, may have played a major role in monopolizing the “social environment” of their users.

For those who resist and refuse to comply with social distancing measures, social isolation can also be weaponized through estrangement and gaslighting by portraying resistors as sadistic public threats.

Sensory deprivation is yet another common tactic weaponized for the sake of behavioral modification and mind control. In the context of wearing facemasks, studies show the ability to express oneself and communicate effectively is obviously limited and impaired. Naturally, this can cause frustration and feelings of alienation.

In 2021, a science journal also published a Report noting how facemasks pose a serious potential threat to the development of mental health in newborns. Furthermore, as I discussed in a previous video pragmatically assessing the efficacy of facemasks from an evidence-based perspective, they undeniably present danger in the form of psychological anxiety for millions of people throughout the world.

Amongst the sensory deprivation techniques employed at Guantanamo Bay include the use of facemasks. The site is notorious for its use of MKULTRA tactics | Image Source

From the vantage point of the behavioral modification specialist, all these stealthy tactics invariably serve the purpose of manipulating the target’s environment in its totality — which is considered imperative for inducing psychological breakdown and regression. One method mentioned on page 76 of the KUBARK manual that has left a lasting impression on me personally, as it relates to current events, is the Alice in Wonderland Technique. The aim of this method is “not only to obliterate the familiar but to replace it with the weird”, creating a “strange atmosphere” of confusion that “becomes mentally intolerable”, thus opening the door to behavioral modification and mind control.

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When I contemplate the insanity encapsulating our global society today — from pseudoscientific lockdown protocols to incessant gender fluidity indoctrination campaigns and beyond — the Alice in Wonderland Technique fits profoundly well. These encroachments are not designed to be logical; they are designed to be mentally intolerable and psychologically exhausting. And the reason for this is very simple, you and I are in the midst of the next stage in social engineering and Elitist Control. We are in the midst of what can sensibly be described as MKULTRA 2.0. Any shocking public proceedings that follow herein, no matter how inexplicable they may seem, should be considered in this context.

A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

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