A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

7. The Rockefeller Shadow Government

Long Before MKULTRA Had Even Begun

Long before the infamous MKULTRA program had launched, or the CIA was even formed, the Rockefeller family and their associates were already focused intensely on studying social engineering, behavioral modification, and mind control.

Early pioneers such as the “founder of modern behavior therapy” Ivan Pavlov; the “father of behaviorism” John B. Watson; the “father of operant conditioning” B.F. Skinner; the “father of modern educational psychology” Edward L. Thorndike; the “godfather of American child development” Lawrence K. Frank; the “father of Cybernetics” Norbert Wiener; the “father of the sexual revolution” Alfred Kinsey; the “father of modern political science” Charles Merriam; the “Chief intellectual architect of the National Security Act of 1947” E. Pendleton Herring; and future MKULTRA mind control pioneer Ewan Cameron, were all recipients of funding from the various Rockefeller philanthropies during the first half of the 20thcentury.

Throughout this time, Rockefeller funded experts were also involved in unethical experiments carried out on unwitting civilian populations. In 1912, for example, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research injected 146 unsuspecting patients with syphilis in multiple hospitals,  which included orphans and small children as young as just two years old. (See HERE and HERE) During the 1920s and 30s, Rockefeller Institute researcher Dr. Mark Boyd deliberately infected 470 African Americans with a deadly malaria parasite which resulted in multiple deaths that were subsequently covered up.

In 1931, whilst being funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in Puerto Rico, Rockefeller Institute pathologist Cornelius P. Rhoads wrote an unmailed genocidal letter in which he claimed to have infected several Puerto Ricans with cancer and killed eight others. When the letter was discovered by one of his staff members, Rhoads apologized profusely and alleged the humorless letter was an elaborate joke. With the help of influential Rockefeller propagandist Ivy Lee the incident was covered up and Rhoads was absolved of any wrongdoing.

New York Times, 15 February 1932 | Screenshot Source| Article Source

During the 1930s, Rockefeller International Health Division Director Dr. Thomas Parran Jr. oversaw the infamous Tuskegee Experiments, in which syphilis diagnoses and treatment was withheld from impoverished African Americans in Alabama to supposedly study disease progression. More than 100 of those men needlessly died as a result, and the treatable disease was subsequently passed onto dozens of family members, including 19 children. (See paragraph 7)

During the 1940s, under the directorship of Dr. Paul Hahn, and with Rockefeller Foundation funding, more than 800 impoverished white women were unsuspectingly given large doses of radioactive iron while pregnant, resulting in at least four of those children dying from cancer that we know about. 100 of these women’s files reportedly “disappeared”, so the potential for higher adverse outcomes is likely much higher.

The Rockefeller Foundation and Vanderbilt University, which facilitated the experiments, agreed to a $10 million settlement for surviving victims in 1998. Monsanto and the U.S. Government were also implicated in the lawsuit and paid smaller amounts.

Eugene Register Guard, July 28 1999 | Screenshot Source

From 1946 to 1948 — with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) — Rockefeller scientists were involved in experiments where ±1,500 unsuspecting Guatemalans (including orphans and school kids) were infected with dangerous STDs. Dr. Thomas Parran, at this point in his career a Rockefeller Foundation Trustee and the U.S. Surgeon General, also approved this disturbing program whilst he was still overseeing the Tuskegee experiments in the United States. There is an ongoing billion-dollar lawsuit against the Rockefeller Foundation regarding these experiments which also implicates Johns Hopkins University amongst others.

With this historical insight, it’s no surprise that the Rockefeller family, and their allies, played a pivotal role in MKULTRA. Aside from the significant influence of Nelson Rockefeller and the family Foundation, which we detailed earlier, the Director of the CIA that officially approved MKULTRA to begin with was a close friend of the Rockefeller family and a former Secretary of the Rockefeller Foundation, Allen Dulles. Allen’s older brother, John Foster Dulles, was also close to the family and likewise served as a Trustee and later Chair for RF before going to work within the Government as Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Secretary of State.

Interestingly, whilst the Dulles brothers and Nelson briefly served in Eisenhower’s administration together, two democratically elected Governments were overthrown under their orders — Iran and Guatemala— both of which were justified under the deceptive pretense of being Communist Puppet Regimes, and both of which served to further consolidate the Rockefeller family’s power in the region. (In Guatemala the Rockefeller Foundation owned 15,000 shares in the largest landowner in the country, the United Fruit Company, which was also a former client of the Dulles brothers through the infamous law firm Sullivan and Cromwell; And in Iran new oil rights were awarded to several Rockefeller controlled companies after Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh was overthrown)

When the MKULTRA project was finally exposed to the public, along with other CIA clandestine activities, Nelson Rockefeller was still working within the Government — this time as Vice President alongside Gerald Ford — and was put in charge of the official Government investigation tasked with exposing abuses, known as the Rockefeller Commission. According to the Autobiography of then CIA Director William Colby, who was questioned during these Congressional Hearings, Nelson Rockefeller and his associates — including then Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger — encouraged Colby to engage in a cover up. Unsurprisingly, twenty years after the hearings took place declassified documents confirmed that an entire 86 page section on CIA assassination plots had been removed from the Final Report.

Considering how little is publicly known about the Rockefeller family’s involvement in MKULTRA, or other clandestine operations, even to this day, it would seem Nelson was quite successful in concealing he and his family’s role, ensuring the CIA absorbed the bulk of the blame whilst the Foundation maintained its humanitarian image. Simply put, the CIA was never the one using the Rockefeller Foundation as cover, the Rockefeller Foundation was the one using the CIA. Such is the nature of Shadow Government.

Today we are caught in the spiderweb of an obvious behavioral modification experiment with methodologies analogous to those studied under MKULTRA being skillfully weaponized against the unsuspecting public. More than just a massive psychological experiment though, there is the sensible prospect that this “pandemic” and new “Cold War” are both being used as smokescreens by the clandestine community’s aristocracy to test out and weaponize brand new forms of biological warfare, behavioral modification, and population control in real time, just as was true in the past. And, as any independent student of history could pragmatically anticipate with a reasonable degree of certainty, the enduring Rockefeller family and their associates are once again involved in current events.

The Lock Step Blueprint And Beyond

Back in 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation published a now infamous Report, which included a section on how Governments around the world could best react to a hypothetical pandemic, entitled Lock Step, where they envisioned a world where “airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets”(Pg.19) would become normal. More significantly, the “mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt… debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains” which ultimately had a “deadly effect on economies”. (Pg.18)

To deal with this projected pandemic that “blanketed the planet”, the 2010 Report praised the use of authoritarianism, namely “The Chinese Government’s quick imposition and enforcement of mandatory quarantine for all citizens” and denigrated any “leniency” entrusting the public with their own health and safety. (Pg.18)

Several establishment media headlines praising the Chinese Government’s authoritarian lockdowns, which echoed the RF 2010 Lockstep Report

The researchers explained how “Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty — and privacy — to more paternalistic states in exchange for greater safety and stability.” Regional censorship technologies capable of mimicking China’s firewalls — which they envisioned would “fracture the ‘World Wide’ Web” moving forward — were a notable mention considering the COVID “pandemic” marked a new era of censorship globally.

Although the Lockstep scenario has become fairly well known — to the point of even being “factchecked” by establishment censors — other parts of the Report that have not received the same public scrutiny, but are equally important considering the implications, include the forecasting of frequent “shocks like economic and political crises; disease and natural disasters”(Pg.14);“global food and resource shortages”(Pg.35); as well as new pandemics, wars, bioterrorism, internet malware, and increasingly hostile climate change.

NDTV, July 26, 2022 | Screenshot Source

To deal with this perceived future instability, the most notable solution mentioned is the need forCentralized global oversight and governance structures… not just for energy use but also for disease and technology standards.” And this, my friends, is what it’s all about, weaponizing organized chaos to consolidate power through an ever-growing World Government — One that has already been in power for decades…

WWII & The Chess Game of World Government

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

David Rockefeller, Memoirs, Proud Internationalist, Pg. 405

Throughout their enduring obsession with behavioral modification and population control, the Rockefellers have also worked towards the creation of an unprecedented form of centralized Global Government. Aside from the innumerable activities of the various Rockefeller philanthropies, other Elitist Institutions that the family have dominated historically, most notably the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), have been incredibly influential in this regard.

During World War II, for example, the CFR dominated the U.S. Government’s foreign policy through the War and Peace Studies Group, which was directly funded by the Rockefeller Foundation to secretly advise President Roosevelt and his Administration both during and after the War.

Amongst the most relevant recommendations made by this clandestine Group was imposing a trade embargo on Japan, which historians now recognize (see HERE and HERE) as being a key incitement that culminated in the attack on Pearl Harbor, since Japan was dependent on foreign resources — specifically U.S. resources — for its economy and war effort to function and thrive.

Although much of the American ruling class were undeniably in favor of entering the War — since CFR members were active in war mongering and even convinced the U.S. Government to secretly aid the British Government militarily fifteen months prior to the actual attack on Pearl Harbor — some sort of trigger event that could spark moral outrage was still needed since most citizens were strictly opposed to U.S. military intervention.

Roosevelt’s Secretary of War at the time — CFR member Henry Stimson — further corroborated this calculated consideration in his Diary (see paragraph 9) recording a meeting with the president on “how we should maneuver them into the position of firing the first shot…” which he later clarified (see page 69, paragraph 4) was essential “In spite of the risk involved… to have the full support of the American people.”

Gallup Poll from September 1939 shows an overwhelming 84% of U.S. respondents opposed military intervention in the War | Source

While this was playing out on one side of the proverbial chess board, CFR members were playing a primary role in supporting the Nazi regime in Germany economically, technologically, and militarily. CFR member Thomas J. Watson Sr, for example, then Chairman of the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and President of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), met with Hitler personally and made sure the Nazis had the latest technologies needed to track, round up, and execute the Jews, along with many other often overlooked victims of the Nazi State. For his service, Watson was awarded the Order of the German Eagle.

New York Times, July 2 1937 | Digital version accessible HERE

CFR member Sosthenes Behn, the founder of International Telephone & Telegraph (ITT) and a Director of then Rockefeller dominated National City Bank (see footnotes), also met with Hitler and helped supply the regime with advanced communications and military technologies that would ultimately be used to kill Allied forces.

In fact, several Board Members of ITT’s German subsidiaries were high ranking Nazi Party members, including then Board Member of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Kurt von Schroder, Dr. Gerhard A. Westrick, Emil H. Meyer, and, according to author Charles Higham’s Trading With the Enemy (see page 98) and Glen Yeadon’s Nazi Hydra in America (see page 245) Gestapo Chief of foreign intelligence Walter Schellenberg whoeven Hitler dared not cross…”.

The CEO of General Motors (GM) during this time, CFR member Alfred P. Sloan Jr, and GM’s president for overseas operations, CFR member James D. Mooney — who likewise met with Hitler and was awarded for his efforts — were also instrumental in the Nazi war effort, primarily through their German subsidiary Opel which supplied the regime with Blitz trucks, fighter planes, torpedoes and landmines. (See paragraph 16) Amongst the Directors of GM during this time, was CFR member Lammot Du Pont Copeland of the powerful Du Pont family, which owned the majority of General Motors’ shares from 1917 to 1964.

New York Times, December 14 1999 | Digital version accessible HERE

Like GM, the Ford Motor Company supplied Nazi Germany militarily. In fact, Henry Ford was a personal hero of Hitler who reportedly kept a life-size portrait of the industrialist in his office for “inspiration”. (See paragraph 15) Like Watson and Mooney mentioned above, Ford was also awarded for building up the Nazi regime. Although Henry was not himself a member of the CFR, the Ford Foundation has been a major source of funding for the Council on Foreign Relations throughout their history, up until the present day.

Guardian, 19 August 1999 | Screenshot Source

Chase Bank, which was Chaired by CFR member and Rockefeller in-law Winthrop W. Aldrich — son of the infamous Senator Nelson Aldrich — played a major role in financing the Nazis and even funneled cash to Nazi agents when Banks in the United States were ordered by law to freeze such transactions.

Despite this, Chase executives managed to escape legal prosecution because their lead attorney threatened to blackmail investigating Agencies if any charges were ever filed. (See Chase National Bank, Jewish Accounts, and Nazi Germany) More recently, in 2000, Chase publicly apologized for their indefensible War time activities.

The News Journal, 26 Feb 2000 | Screenshot Source

CFR member Thomas H. McKittrick, then President of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) helped loot stolen gold to finance the Nazis. When the War was finally concluded, McKittrick left his position at the BIS to become Vice President of Chase Bank under the chairmanship of the aforementioned Rockefeller in-law Winthrop W. Aldrich.

The National City Bank of New York —  another Rockefeller dominated institution (see footnotes) — was likewise a major source of funding for the Nazi regime. (See HERE and HERE) In fact, several years after the War had officially ended, National City Bank (today simply Citibank) knowingly laundered Nazi gold which was in turn melted down by the Federal Reserve Bank to conceal its Nazi origins.

Chicago Tribune, 2 November 1997 | Source

National City Bank’s Board of Directors included more than half a dozen CFR members during World War II, most notably the aforementioned Nazi Collaborator, and founder of ITT, Sosthenes Behn, and General Electric’s President Gerard Swope who was also implicated in supporting the Nazis. James Stillman Rockefeller, representing the other side of the Rockefeller family tree, was Assistant Vice President during this time and became President in 1952.

The Harriman brothers, William Averell Harriman and Edward Roland Harriman — both CFR and Skull and Bones members — likewise played major roles in financing the Nazi regime alongside fellow Bones member, and future Senator of Connecticut, Prescott S. Bush of the notorious Bush family. William A. Harriman was also the U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union during this time and played a key role in building up Communist Russia.

The Dulles brothers were also involved in the duplicitous drama. CFR member John Foster Dulles, at that time a Trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation, reportedly played a “central role in channeling funds from the United States to Nazi Germany” (see paragraph 4) alongside his younger brother Allen Dulles, then Secretary of the CFR and future Director of the CIA where he would approve MKULTRA. Although Allen is said to have been far more reluctant to work with Nazi officials than John Foster, according to Historian David Talbot, Allen “not only enjoyed a professional and social familiarity with many members of the Third Reich’s elite that predated the war; he shared many of these men’s postwar goals”.

Rockefeller’s Standard Oil reportedly had more foreign investment in Nazi Germany than any other American company, surpassing that of Ford, GM, and ITT combined. Predictably, they were major players in building up Hitler’s regime, providing the Third Reich with financing, fuel and innovative technology that ultimately gave them a serious wartime advantage.

Much of this was accomplished through their close relationship with their infamous German business partner IG Farben — which was the largest pharmaceutical company in the world at the time and, according to then Department of Justice Investigator Joseph Borkin, the second largest shareholder in Standard Oil behind the Rockefeller family. More importantly, IG Farben was aprincipal agency of the Nazi Government, which is to say IG Farben was the Nazi war machine.

Through a joint venture between Standard Oil and General Motors called the Ethyl Corporation, IG Farben — and thus the Nazis — obtained the resources and technology they needed to go to war in the first place. Without this help, the Nazis would never have been able to wage war on the scale that they did.

New York Times, 6 August 1978 | Source

Beyond their notable relationship with IG Farben, one of Standard Oil’s German subsidiaries, Deutsch-Amerikanische Petroleum (German-American Petroleum Company) had two Nazi Directors (Karl Lindemann and Emil Helfferich) that were members of Himmler’s Circle of Friends — a group of powerful German businessmen closely connected to the higher ranks of the Nazi Establishment.

Although this history remains entirely unknown to the overwhelming majority of the world’s population today, the collusion between Nazi Germany and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil was so unambiguous back then, that they were officially fined(a miniscule amount but fined nonetheless) for their rapacious behavior, and a congressional committee declared that Standard Oil not only empowered the Nazi’s war capability, but they “seriously imperiled the war preparations of the United States” in the process.

This, they explained, was specifically because Standard provided IG with the technological know-how to produce the synthetic rubber material Butyl, an important resource for waging war, whilst concealing this imperative information from U.S. authorities that were then in the midst of a rubber shortage. (See HERE and HERE) President Harry S. Truman, at the time a Senator, reportedly called Standard Oil’s behavior “Treason”.

Baltimore Sun, 27 March 1942 | Source

Despite this, the U.S. Government depended on Standard Oil for their own war effort and no serious criminal consequences were ever genuinely pursued. This was largely the case with IBM, ITT, Ford, Chase, National City Bank, General Motors, and dozens of other organizations too.

There are still more individuals and groups that were involved in the Nazi Establishment’s rise to power, but my research clearly shows that the Rockefellers were the most insidious and calculated during this time. Not only were they instrumental in building up Nazi Germany through Standard Oil, the Ethyl Corporation and the Chase and National City Banks — as well as through the Rockefeller Foundation which we will explore very soon — but they also played an important role within the U.S. Government throughout the War too.

The five sons of John D. Rockefeller Jr. — John D. III, Laurance, Winthrop, Nelson, and David — were all involved in military or clandestine operations during this time. Uncle Winthrop Aldrich, then Chair of Chase Bank, was a part of a highly secretive network that “informally gathered intelligence for President Franklin D. Roosevelt before and during World War II”.

Correspondingly, the Rockefeller Center served as the central headquarters for numerous clandestine operations, including Allen Dulles of the Office of Strategic Services (CIA predecessor), the British Secret Service, the FBI, and up until 1941 a major Nazi collaborator named William Rhodes Davis.

The Rockefeller brothers also setup a new “Charity” during WWII | The Plain Speaker, 28 December 1940, Page 17 | Source

In the eventual wake of World War II, the Rockefeller dominated Council on Foreign Relations continued to advise the U.S. Government through the Advisory Committee on Postwar Foreign Policy. This culminated in the creation of multiple new global governing systems, most notably the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. (See HERE and HERE)

Consequently, this then gave rise to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) — the largest global military alliance in history — which was only made possible through Article 51 of the United Nation’s Charter, a clause that Nelson Rockefeller himself played a key role in securing. (See HERE and HERE) In turn, NATO was initiated diplomatically by then US Under Secretary of State Robert A. Lovett, a longtime friend and business partner of the aforementioned Harriman brothers, whom he also worked closely with during World War II. Lovett was also a Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundation Trustee, as well as a CFR veteran and Skull and Bones member.

United Nations and NATO personify World Government

Article 51 of the UN charter and Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty can easily be weaponized against any opposing Government. | Source 1 | Source 2

The establishment of the World Health Organization — an international authority that has become a household name today — was dominated by the Rockefeller Foundation and its subsidiaries. In fact, the president (see paragraph 3) of the 1946 International Health Conference, which marked the official founding of the WHO, was the same Rockefeller Dr Thomas Parran mentioned earlier that approved the unethical Tuskegee and Guatemalan human experiments.

Together, these institutions gave birth to an unprecedented form of Global Government which has dominated our world for more than half a century under the guise of humanitarianism. Unsurprisingly, the official apex of this system — the United Nations — was established on land donated by the Rockefeller family.

hidden history of world government

John D. Rockefeller III (right) gives then Secretary-General of the United Nations Trygve Lie (center) a check for $8.5 million to purchase the 6-block Manhattan East River site where the United Nations would build their permanent headquarters | Source

Locally, within the United States, this same Elitist Establishment were instrumental in the passage of the National Security Act of 1947, which gave birth to the Department of Defense, the National Security Council, the CIA, and what has warped into an unprecedented global military Empire.

world government

Infographic highlighting known military bases overseas | Source

The “Chief intellectual architect of the National Security Act” E. Pendleton Herring, for example, was a former Rockefeller Foundation grantee (see HERE and HERE) and later worked for two of RF’s closest partners — the Carnegie Corporation and the Rockefeller funded Social Science Research Council. Furthermore, the Eberstadt Report and Dulles Report, which officially formalized the founding of these new imperialist institutions, were both likewise dominated by Rockefeller allies.

This included Rockefeller Foundation Trustee, family friend and future Chairman of the CFR, Ford Foundation and Chase Manhattan Bank, John J. McCloy; RF Trustee Chester I. Barnard; future Rockefeller Advisor Lewis L. Strauss; And family friend— and Nazi collaborator — CFR Secretary Allen Dulles.

New York Times, 27 October, 2014 | Source

It should come as no surprise that a remarkably high number of Nazis were forgiven their crimes after the War and then recruited into the U.S. Intelligence Community under false identities. This included Hitler’s favorite chemist Otto Ambros, an IG Farben Director that oversaw the atrocities at Auschwitz; Erich Traub, a former staff member of the Rockefeller Institute turned Nazi bioweapons specialist; And the two highest ranking Nazi medical officials of them all, Surgeon General Walter Schreiber and his infamous Deputy Kurt Blome. Unsurprisingly, Schreiber and Blome were recruited to help develop what would invariably become the MKULTRA program, whilst Ambros and Traub worked on related biowarfare projects. (See HERE and HERE)

Beyond contracting Nazi biowarfare experts, notorious Gestapo officials guilty of mass murder, like the “Butcher of Lyon” Klaus Barbie and the architect of the Nazi mobile gas chamber Walter Rauff, (see pages 103-106) were also recruited by the CIA and sent to South America. Here they invariably took part in the horrors of Operation Condor by advising unconscionable dictatorships on how to effectively terrorize and control the local populations. There is also evidence that suggests Klaus Barbie helped the CIA capture and execute Ernesto Che Guevara.

As documented in a previous post on my Patreon, not only were multiple South American Clandestine Agencies also trained  by the CIA directly during this time, but they also executed objectives that were clearly outlined in MKULTRA. In the case of Honduras’ Battalion 3-16, they were specifically taught behavioral modification techniques outlined in the MKULTRA KUBARK torture manual. Unsurprisingly, CFR members like then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (see HERE and HERE) and then Director of the CIA George H.W. Bush played pivotal roles in Operation Condor.

The excuse used for training these death squads in South America and recruiting Nazis guilty of crimes against humanity was a predictable one — they were needed to fight against the threat of Communism, another threat that we’ve established as being nurtured and supported by the same Elitist Establishment behind Nazi Germany’s remarkable military power.

This is the clandestine chess game that the high-level ruling class are playing my friends. Through their coordinated influence over key industries, Governments, media outlets, education systems, and so on and so forth, they skillfully instigate mass panic and the collective perception of danger and chaos. This danger and chaos — whether it be personified through a charismatic dictator, terrorist organization, mystery virus, hostile weather change, or some other strategically inflated threat — is then weaponized to strip people of their introductory logic and rational thought; inculcate elaborate illusions that invert objective reality; weaponize the unconscious tribal mindset against the conscious thinking individual; suspend ordinary peacetime laws in favor of new authoritarian ones; and then present “solutions” that serve to further consolidate establishment power and reshape society as they see fit.

A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

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