Jim Carrey Explains How He Began His Spiritual Journey (Inspirational Video)

By now, most of you have probably become aware that there is a mass awakening taking place in our world right now.

One of the markers of this great awakening, has been the rise of “celebrity” figures that have started to use their platform to serve humanity, rather than their traditional role of serving the system.

One such figure, is Jim Carrey…

Probably one of the funniest actors in modern history, Jim has become an unlikely source of wisdom, inspiration, and deep spiritual insight for millions and millions of people around the globe.

Is he perfect? Of course not. But does he have some profound thoughts and insights that we can learn from? Absolutely.

In this brilliant short video below, Jim recounts his journey in life; from what inspired him to take his path of becoming a comedian and actor, to much more profound lessons he has learned along the way…


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