Keanu Reeves Talks Deeper Meaning Behind ‘The Matrix’ & Books He Had To Read To Understand it (Video)

In the thought provoking videos below, Keanu Reeves (Neo) discusses the esoteric meaning behind the movie the Matrix, and shares some of the intriguing books he had to read — and understand — before he was allowed to even open up the script.

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In the first video, Keanu explains why he was initially attracted to the film, and then proceeds to describe what the movie was really all about;

Keanu Reeves is a Deep Thinker

Although the video is not even 2 minutes in length, Keanu Reeves mentions a treasure trove of information that most people would not even care to notice, but this clearly indicates that the man is a very deep thinker.

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He makes mention of spiritual leaders Jesus Christ and Buddha; philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, science fiction writer William Gibson, writer Philip K. Dick, and what I presume to either be Calvinist philosopher Vern Poythress or writer Jules Verne. He also mentions comic book writer Frank Miller and film makers, Akira Kurosawa and Sam Peckinpah, amongt other things.

If one were to take the time out to explore each one of those personalities mentioned above — even if just partly — they would find that Keanu Reeves has spent a lot of time researching some incredible minds, which is undoubtedly a testament to the remarkability of his own.

The video then closes with him stating that the film was about philosophy, mythology, technology and Truth (which he places special emphasis on).

In the second video, he talks about 3 books he had to read in order to gain a deeper understanding about what the Matrix was all about, and once again mentions that his character was in search of the Truth;

In case you missed the names of those books, the first was Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard. The second was Out of Control by Kevin Kelly, and the third one was Introducing Evolutionary Psychology by Dylan Evans.

Each book is profound in its own right and all of them can be found online for those who are curious to learn more.

For anyone who may be interested in exploring the real Matrix of our society, please watch a presentation I gave about a year ago below;

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