Nestlé CEO Thinks Water Should NOT Be A Human Right (VIDEO)

Nestle is one of the most hated corporations on the planet for a very good reason.

They have a long history of unethical behavior, and have been connected to human trafficking and child labor — babies deaths in third world countries due to deceptive marketing and propaganda — price fixing, and environmental misconduct, amongst other things.

But that’s not all, the company also seems to think that water — something provided for us by this amazing planet absolutely free — should not be a human right, but a private commodity for profit.

In the below interview, which is taken from 2013 (but still relevant nonetheless), Nestle’s then CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (today their Chairman Emeritus) makes it quite clear that he believes water should NOT be a human right — an idea he considers “extreme” — and should instead have “a market value”.

When this story originally broke, much to Nestle’s dislike, his controversial comments went viral and public outrage ensued for obvious reasons. People began to call for massive boycott’s of the company, and of course they had to come up with a counter plan fast; because they know something most of us do not — they are absolutely powerless without our support.

Since that time, the dodgy company released a public statement claiming that his comments were misconstrued, which of course is pure bullshit. His words in the video were very easy to interpret, and their bogus attempt to save face is further derailed by the fact that the colossal company reportedly tried to actually change official recognition of water to an “economic good,” instead of a “human right” back in 2000 at the World Water Forum.

There Is More Than Enough For Everyone’s Need, But Not For Everyone’s Greed

Anyone that suggests that water should not be free, and that doing so is “extreme,” is suggesting that some people don’t deserve to live on this planet unless they can make money, it’s as simple as that. These idiots forget that this planet, and the concept of living off of the land, existed long before this inhumane cancerous Matrix like system came into being.

Without clean water we cannot survive, it’s really not rocket science. In fact, it’s estimated that every 90 seconds a child dies from a water related disease, and it’s estimated that 844 million people around the world (1 in 9) do not have access to clean water. But super rich elitist pricks like this guy want to make water into a commodity?


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Aside from the fact that the United Nations has gone on record admitting there’s already “enough water available to meet the world’s growing needs,” the process of desalination (turning sea water into drinking water) provides us with a seemingly limitless supply of drinking water as well. This is precisely how Israel — one of the driest countries in the world — solved their water crisis. And of course, if we can drop a bomb on any country on the planet, then we can obviously get water to any country on the planet too.

The problem, of course, is priorities. We have allowed ourselves to come under the thumb of the most repulsive beings imaginable. Their moral standards are so shamefully low, and their motive for material profit so obsessive and obscene, that they have managed to take a beautiful masterpiece of a planet — that already gives us all of the water, food, oxygen, and land we need for free — and turned it into a type of massive slave plantation, where we trade our inborn freedom to chase paper “money” that has imaginary value, and then use that paper to pay people (who claim they own this free planet) so that we can live here —  It’s beyond insane.

But through awareness, this insanity is beginning to be exposed, which is precisely why Nestle had to recant their former CEO’s words. Awareness always precedes change, and we can all help to expose the Truth.

We are many, and they are few my friends.

They need us, but we do not need them.

And their bullshit game is over, the moment we fully realize that.

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