Panic, Profit & Power: Decoding the COVID-19 Conspiracy (Full Length Presentation)

After four months of obsessive research into this “pandemic” — literally day & night — I’d like to share this meticulous investigation with you, Panic, Profit & Power: Decoding the COVID-19 Conspiracy. All the sources and citations are given where logically needed to fact check.

Table of Contents:

1) Understanding inattentional Blindness & Authority vs the Truth
2) Putting Things into Perspective: Leading Causes of Death That we Struggle with Today Because we’ve Been Misled by Corrupt Governments and Scientists Past & Present.
3) Investigating the THEORETICAL Study (That was never published or peer reviewed) & Those Behind it That Kickstarted the International Lockdowns
4) History is Repeating itself
5) Who is GlaxoSmithKline??
6) The Big Pharma-Vaccine Industry Has a History of Corruption and Manipulating Governments, Scientists & Doctors
7) Big Pharma is like Big Tobacco on Steroids
8) What Role Does Bill Gates Play in All of This??
9) GAVI & CEPI — The Ultimate Front Groups
10) Why isn’t the Media Reporting on This??? (Follow the Money)
11) Media Manipulation & Obvious Double Standards
12) What Are the Experts That Are Being ignored or Censored by the Media Saying?? (Video Testimony)
— Death Reports Are Misleading or Deceptive
— Despite What Establishment Authorities Are Saying This is Comparable to a Bad Flu
— Based on Actual Concrete Science, the Lockdown itself is Far More Dangerous Than the Virus
— Predictions of Millions of People Dying is Based on Theory & “Science Fiction”
13) Understanding the Fundamental Difference Between Lockdown vs No Lockdown
14) Investigating Spanish Flu Propaganda & Why It’s Completely Misleading & Deceptive
— Examples of Communities & Countries That Defied Lockdowns That You Aren’t Being Told About
— Reports of Those Treated With Homeopathy Having Much Lower Death Rates Than Conventional Medicine Which Was in its Early Stages
— 5 Major Reasons Why Comparisons Between The “Spanish Flu” & Covid-19 Are Completely Misleading & Outright idiotic
15) Investigating the New Studies Being Spread by the Establishment Media Purporting to Provide Evidence of the Efficacy of Social Distancing & Lockdowns
16) Closing Remarks

**Because the studies can be found through the sources shown in the video, if anyone has any difficulty tracking down a particular study or source, please comment publicly and I’ll share it with you.

Full Length Video: Panic, Profit & Power: Decoding the COVID-19 Conspiracy

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