The Psychology of Narcissism (Video)

In the age of (anti) social media, where people have been given the perfect platform to present a fabricated version of themselves and their lives to the rest of the world, narcissism is a term growing in popularity.

Essentially, a narcissist is someone that is extremely self centered, and has very little concern — if any at all — for other people’s thoughts and feelings, unless it’s about them personally. As stated in the video, “It’s like a disease where the sufferers feel pretty good, but the people around them suffer.”

Although the definitive cause is unknown, I believe that narcissism is just another symptom of our backwards society, and not some incurable disease. I believe it is more of a disorder, rooted in our disordered society, and it can be remedied through earnest self reflection and uncompromising will power.

Unfortunately, most are either unconscious of this problem though, or simply not willing to do the hard work that it takes to confront their inner weakness, and instead make excuses to try and justify their toxic behavior.

In this clever short video from TED-Ed, the concept of narcissism is explored a bit deeper;

Looking For Deeper Answers?

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