Vegan Bodybuilder Displays Superhuman Strength

As someone who has taken physical fitness very serious for much of my life, the decision to go vegan seemed almost incomprehensible to me just a few years ago.

What initially inspired me, was my learning about the factory farming system, the cancer connection in relation to the consumption of meat, and the unethical torture and life of slavery that billions of animals have been relegated to for the sake of man’s selfish lust for “meat”.


I switched over to “free range” chicken, but further research led me to believe that the marketing was deceptive, and my conscience was still not at peace.


Nonetheless, I still struggled with the psychological transition of going full on vegan. I, being uneducated on the subject at the time, believed “meat” to be deficient, and that I would lose strength and conditioning as a result.


That’s when I first watched this video of Frank Medrano. It helped inspire me to just give it a try, and it has proved to be one of the best choices I have ever made in my life.


Without imposing my lifestyle on you, I can say with honesty that it not only improved my physical health, but even my strength and endurance. And let’s not forget that I can have a clean conscience.


Below you can watch Frank in action;


If you’re considering going vegan, just give it a try. Do some research first (Google it people) and then apply it.