World’s First Flying Car To Officially Go On Pre—Sale This Month (October 2018)

Did you watch the Jetsons growing up? If you did, you probably always knew that someday we would be living in the world of flying cars but I bet you were not expecting it to happen so soon. Yes, you read that right, we are going to have cars that can fly sooner than anyone expected.


If you are asking if this car will be running on the roads too- yes it will, but that is barely news worthy, right?

Let us talk about who made this car. No, it is not Elon Musk.

It is a company called Terrafugia and they are calling the flying car a Transition. The maximum speed can reportedly go 100 miles per hour.

Image credit: Terrafugia/Barcroft Cars/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

As far as the price goes, the company told Engadget that it will between $300,000 – $400,000.  The philosophy of the company that makes these cars is pretty simple; their idea is that these can be used in small airports with short runways and what is more, the pilot can drive it home once they are done flying their passengers. It is a little farfetched it seems, but let’s see how things unfold.

If you are curious about features, it definitely has all the features of a normal car but just a driving license would not cut it if you want to fly one of these things, you are going to have to be a pilot and have a flying license.

The company still says that they are working on new improvements but to be honest, we are living in the future.

The only downside of it all would be if someone with not exactly honourable intentions lays their hands on one of these machines.

With that being said, let us hope for the best and prepare to have our minds blown away once they go on sale!

H/T Fox Business & Engaget
Video Credit: Terrafugia